DIY “Mail-Away” Bridal Shower Gift Box

Today, Margaux from Harmony Creative Studio is sharing three fun DIY projects with us to help make your wedding celebrations even more special with some fun gift boxes…

Sometimes distance keeps loved ones from attending the events surrounding your wedding, such as the engagement party or bridal shower. My husband and I met live across the country from his family, and the women of his close-knit extended family were super sweet and threw me a “Mail-Away” shower, where they purchased gifts from our registry and coordinated them to arrive at my house on a certain date. I felt so honored that they had gone to the trouble to welcome me to the family from afar, and it inspired this DIY – a book themed “Mail-Away” shower.

DIY Bridal Shower Books | Snippet & Ink

The idea is simple: everyone contributes a book that the bride can put to use during the first year of her new marriage. I asked friends to contribute to this DIY to see the range of books that might be included, and in addition to the usual cookbooks and bestsellers on relationship advice, there were books on Pilates, stress relief, monetary concerns, and an inspirational children’s classic. The books are mailed to the host of the shower (or the Maid of Honor, or other designated person), and then presented together to the bride at the shower. With Amazon and other e-retailers, this is just as easy as purchasing and mailing from an online registry.

We decided to use a crate – perfect to support the weight of the books!

DIY Bridal Shower Books | Snippet & InkDIY Bridal Shower Books | Snippet & Ink

Click here for the step-by-step instructions on customizing a crate for the bride-to-be.

DIY Bridal Shower Books | Snippet & InkDIY Bridal Shower Books | Snippet & Ink

One way to add continuity to the books without totally wrapping each one is to add a belly band. Any scrapbook paper will work – we used strips out of a super pretty piece of Belle and Union gift wrap, then wrapped colorful yarn around them. We finished off the crate with w simple tag printed with For Your 1st Year, tied on with the same yarn.

DIY Bridal Shower Books | Snippet & Ink

Books are only one way to go of course – you Could also organize a “Mail-Away” shower with movies, kitchen supplies, sports equipment, etc., depending on the interests of the bride. Happy Showering!


Stop by in a bit for the third DIY wedding box from Harmony Creative Studioand photos by Christine of The Yodsukars.


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