DIY Watercolor Place Card with Momental Designs!

Have you tried out an adult watercoloring book yet? We love them! It’s the perfect way to zone out, relax, and let your creative juices flow. Today’s DIY puts your coloring book skills to good use: Momental Designs is showing us how to make an easy watercolor place card (or escort card!) with their Painterly Days adult watercoloring book!

diy place card, watercolor escort card

Photography by Kim Spath

Using all pages in the book, you can make approximately 200 place cards or escort cards — showing off all variety of blooms!  What’s even better? This easy watercolor DIY is perfect for someone who has never painted before, so grab your best girls for a fun DIY party!


watercolor escort cards


1. Start with a page from the book torn out and placed on a flat, level surface. Pre-wet each well of watercolor paint on the palette with warm drops of water. Be sure to have a container of clean water on hand and some paper towels for blotting.
2. With your brush wet the flower you wish to paint with clean water. Use a lot of water, just enough to seen the page reflect but not enough that there are large puddles.
3. Load up your brush with a color and dab the brush into the wet flower, spreading the paint around with a light touch.
4. Choose another color and repeat. Make sure to rinse your brush in between color changes.
5. Fill in flower with the same technique. Feel free to add a third color if you’d like!
6. Once the flower is filled, start adding green to an adjacent leaf. You can wet the leaf first or not, it’s up to you! Choose a leaf that is connected to the flower, as you’ll be cutting this out soon. You can add
more colors to the leaf such as touches of blue or yellow. Just make sure the leaf is wet when adding the color, so everything blends together nicely.
7. Trim your flower and leaf. The key to cutting out uneven shapes is #1 to cut out the flower from the rest of the page, making the piece you’ll be trimming easier to handle and #2 to move the paper, not the scissors while trimming the final, intricate shape of the flower.
8. Repeat the above steps on a variety of flowers from the book. Choose colors to paint with according to your color palette. Once the flowers are trimmed and completely dry, write each guest’s name with a Sharpie®. Be sure to use a new Sharpie® so the tip has a nice point.

A few final tips:

  • Don’t try to make your blending and brushstrokes perfect. Just wet the page and dab color on, watching the water and color mix together virtually on their own. This is the beauty of watercolor!
  • Practice your colors and brushstrokes on a scrap sheet of paper first.
  • Avoid make more than two dabs, brushstrokes or marks in one area. You don’t want to overwork your flowers!

diy place card, watercolor escort card

Thanks to Momental Designs for sharing this fun DIY with us!  Find Momental Designs’ adult watercoloring book RIGHT HERE


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Books, Styling, Design: Momental Designs / Photography:Kim Spath / Floral Design: Monzie’s Floral Design

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