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I’m all about rustic decor (especially when you can forage the materials around your home), and this hanging star DIY from Snippet & Ink Select vendor Erin Kate fits that theme so perfectly! ┬áIt’s delicate and neutral, and adaptable for a whole range of uses. Whether you use the star as holiday decor, an adorable vignette or even a ceremony backdrop for a whimsical woodland wedding, we know it will turn out beautifully!





Linen twine
Floral cutters & a scissor
Foraged twigs/greenery



Step 1: Forage plant product containing straight parts that can be made into a star. I used the long flowering part of wild sagebrush. // Step 2: Cut 5 pieces of the plant that are close to the same size. Straight pieces are easier to work with but curved pieces can make for charming stars as well. I kept some sage leaves and seed pods attached at the base to give the pieces character and a natural, organic feel. // Step 3: Tie and knot each point of the star with fine linen twine. I attached a base end to a flower end so each star point would have the sagebrush flowers included. // Step 4: When you are tying the last piece weave it with the other pieces to the keep the stars shape. It will collapse otherwise. // Step 5: Hang stars anywhere you like…ceremony backdrop, chair decor, bring them inside for table centerpiece decor. The options are endless.







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