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easy pumpkin carving, dotted pumpkins, drill hole pumpkin carving

Styling and Design: They So Loved Events.  Photography: Christina McNeill

Remember trying to carve pumpkins with those flimsy plastic knives that came with pre-packaged pumpkin carving kits? We would always come up with a grand vision for what we wanted our pumpkins to look like, only to have the knife snap in half before we finished carving. Trust us, when you start using a drill to carve your pumpkins you’ll never want to go back! Thank to Stacy from They So Loved Events, we’ve got a simple pattern-play pumpkin carving DIY for you!



Pumpkins of various shapes and sizes
Pumpkin Carving Kit
6 Piece Spade Bit Set

Directions: Using a knife, carve the top of the pumpkin near the stem, scoop insides out. Once thoroughly clean use the drill and bits of various sizes to create a pattern! // Clean out the drilled holes and place a candle inside and light! // Tip: Feel free to play around with different colors, shapes and sizes of pumpkins. Our simple pattern of dots and lines helped us create an elegant look, while the different textures and heights of the pumpkins kept things interesting. 


Thank you Kathryn Kenna for your amazing location!


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