Board #536 | Elegant Autumn Picnic

When I came across this 1876 painting by James Tissot, I knew I had to create an inspiration board with it – I love autumn, and I love picnics, so it was perfect! I imagine an elegant picnic in a park, with piles of cozy blankets, and delicious cakes and champagne. Rich colors and textures, like ochre and gold, tweed and silk, plus polished silver pieces (borrowed from aunts and godmothers, perhaps) and gorgeous fall flowers. This would probably work well for an intimate party, but I’d love to see it as a wedding reception, wouldn’t you? Oh, and I love the delightfully unexpected black and white checks.

Mood: rich, playful, elegant
Palette: ochre, cream, chocolate, tweed

Top row from left: Holyday (The Picnic) by James Tissot at The Tate, hat with veil from Brides, yellow and white bouquet and head wreath from Martha Stewart Weddings (photo by Johnny Miller)
Row 2:
apple and prune brioche tart from Gourmet Traveller via The Bedlam of Beefy, tweed from J.Crew
Row 3:
photo with black gingham shirt by Kate Powers, La Folie menu design by Cynthia Warren, cream roses with fall leaves by Michaele Thunen, roasted winter squash soup sips from Country Living, wedding dress with silk ochre wrap from Vogue Sposa via Little Winter Bride
Row 4:
calligraphy by Plurabelle, miniature bundt cakes from Desserts for Breakfast, Dom Perignon champagne, centerpiece with cream dahlias and fruit by Amy Merrick


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