Elizabeth & Brian | Backyard Wedding with Romantic Flowers

I don’t know if it’s all the color, or the bride’s smile, or what, but this wedding conveys such a sincere happiness that it makes you feel a little like you were there. Beautiful flowers by Sarah Winward add to the sweetness of it, and photos by Leo Patrone capture it perfectly.

Elizabeth wore a short lace dress with three-quarter length sleeves – perfect for a backyard wedding.

She carried a large, lush bouquet that included roses, peonies, jasmine and thistle.

Says the bride, “Even on a 100-degree day we were comfortable under the canopy of the maple trees, and the mountains in the backdrop reminded us that we were in the presence of something monumental.”

The cake was a white chocolate buttercream with local strawberries – perfect for a summer wedding!

What inspired you when you were planning?  In the months leading up to our engagement, Brian and I spent a lot of time discussing our “ideal” wedding. Over time we discovered that neither of us were interested in a big affair. We wanted something small, relaxed, and family-oriented. We also wanted something that reflected our love of nature and embodied the atmosphere we were going for. Above all we wanted to emphasize that the most important thing to us was that we were getting married, not that we were having a wedding. For these reasons my aunt’s backyard in Salt Lake City was the ideal space. The yard was spacious and green, inviting guests to celebrate in the fresh air well into the night.

What was your favorite moment of the day?  The ceremony itself. Brian’s cousin Brad generously agreed to be our officiant. The proceedings were filled with funny stories, poignant readings, moving music, and powerful words of wisdom. He drew upon our answers to questions he had asked us to reflect upon and write about. This allowed him to give the occasion a deeply personal touch. The best part of it, though, was the vows. Brian and I took care during our engagement to come up with something that perfectly expressed what this day meant to us, and how we saw our lives taking shape together. We made vows to each other and then we blessed our rings. We recited them from memory without a hitch! At the end of it all, it was extremely gratifying when so many of our family members approached us to tell us how moved they were by the ceremony. It was one of a kind.

What was the best advice you received as a bride?  The best advice I received came during the ceremony itself, when Brad stopped the proceedings and told us to be quiet, and look out onto all our loved ones gathered there. We spent a good sixty to ninety seconds just taking in all that love and feeling present to the moment. With all the emotions and thoughts floating around, all the things that I had to remember to do and say, I really felt still at that moment. The atoms and molecules all around seemed to be charged with a new kind of energy.

What advice to you have for other brides?  Be present! It’s so easy to get wrapped up in all the details, and forget why you’re really doing this. You won’t remember the planning, even though it feels like everything right now. Take the time to focus on how special this day is. You and your partner will thank each other for it.

Did you include any traditions in your wedding?  There were so many wonderful family-oriented things that occurred throughout the weekend, especially the speeches from friends, siblings, and parents. Most memorable to me, though, was the final quiet moment that Brian and I shared just before the ceremony began. We prayed together, and shed a tear. That’s when I felt totally ready to meet this moment.


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Vendor Credits

Photographer: Leo Patrone / Venue: private residence in Salt Lake City / Floral Design: Sarah Winward / Planning, Design: Jessica Bender / Dress: Tibi / Shoes: J. Crew / Suit: Hugo Boss / Tie: Steven Alan / Catering: The Blended Table / Cake: Carlucci's Bakery / Hair & Makeup: Tina McGregor, High Life Salon / Music: The Gatsbys / Stationery: Bjorn Press

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