Engagement Rings Under $2,500

Gorgeous rings don’t have to cost a pretty penny! Between boutique designers, Etsy sellers, and vintage and estate curators there are plenty of unique engagement rings within budget. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites in varying styles, all under $2,500!

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Art Decor Pearl and Diamond Ring by Escueleto, $1400 // Rainbow Moonstone Solitaire Ring by Escueleto, $945 // Edwardian 3.5 Carat Opal Diamond Cocktail Ring by 1stDibs, $1750 // Early Victorian Six Pearl Ring by Erica Weiner, $695 // Moonstone Ruby Gold Ring by 1stDibs, $2015 // Moonstone Gold Diamond Ring by 1stDibs, $1485

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Cambria – 14 kt Gold 5-Stone Ring by Trumpet & Horn, $1200 // Montauk – 14k yellow gold cushion cut sapphire and diamond ring by Trumpet & Horn, $1650 // Diamond Horizon Ring by Ariel Gordon, $580 // Victorian 18kt gold mine cut diamond ring via Etsy, $1100 // Crescent Diamond Ring by Bario Neal, $2003 //Antique Pearl and Diamond Ring from 1910 via Etsy, $879


Rosegold Fishtail Diamond Ring by Bario Neal, $385 // The Infinity Band by Vrai & Oro, $817 // Woodland Wedding Ring with Diamond by Ash Hilton Jewellery, $195 // Dais Narrow Band with Sapphires by Bario Neal, $804 // ‘Gianna’ Diamond Stacking Ring by Bon Levy via Nordstroms, $795 // Water swirl eternity band by Metalicious, $1300


Platinum Hexagon White Diamond Ring by CatBird, $1200 // Oval Diamond Solitaire Ring via Etsy, $1250 // Victorian Cushion Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring via 1stDibs, $575 // Ancantha Diamond Solitaire by Erica Weiner, $1800 // Cala Diamond Ring by Bario Neal, $1551 // 18k Rose Gold Solitaire by Vrai & Oro, $2163


1909 Machine Age ring by Erica Weiner via Catbird, $1500 // Late Victorian Pearl Diamond Cluster Ring via 1stDibs, $2250 // 1930’s Art Deco Engagement Ring via Etsy, $1950 // 1900’s Emerald and Diamond Ring via 1stDibs, $1544 // Ruby and Diamond Halo Ring via Escqueleto, $1500 // Edwardian Diamond Pearl Ring via 1stDibs, $1700 //


Gray Diamond Sunburst Signet Ring by Anthropologie, $998 // Rainbow Pinched Eternity Ring by Polly Wales,  $2375 // Wild Posy Twist Diamond Ring by Alex Monroe, $2280 // Oleska Crown Ring by Katie Diamond via BHLDN, $738 // Horseshoe ring by Erica Weiner, $500 // Mrs. Signet Ring by Nora Kogan, $795 //


Rose-Cut filagree ring by Bario Neal, $1300 // Sapphire and diamond white gold cluster ring via 1st Dibs, $2,500 // Orin Open Emerald Cut Ring by Shawn Warren, $2000 // Classic Chain Gemstone Ring by John Hardy via Nordstrom, $1895 // Getana Rose-cut Amazonite Ring via Greenwich St Jewelers, $550 // Galaxy Tourmaline Ring via Anthropologie, $1720 //


Do you have or are you considering a unique engagement ring? Which one is your favorite?


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