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If you’re looking for the perfect wedding gift, or need help decided what to include in your registry, let me point you in the direction of Frances Palmer’s beautifully quirky pottery. I cannot get enough of it! Each whimsical piece, from her handmade cake stands to the affordable Pearl collection, adds such a unique touch to any table…

Frances has also recently launched the Pearl Collection, which marries beauty with practicality, and is perfect for your bridal registry. Not only do they maintain the whimsical style of Frances’s handmade pieces, but they’re dishwasher- and microwave-safe, oven-proof up to 475-degrees, and come with a two-year chip and crack guarantee. Plus, each piece is hand cast, pressed and glazed in one of the only remaining ceramic factories in the United States, so your purchase supports local artisans and independent businesses, which is definitely something to feel good about.

No question: the Pearl Collection can make any meal a special occasion!

Whether you’re looking for an alternative registry option, or trying to find the perfect wedding gift, you cannot go wrong with Frances Palmer Pottery. There’s something for every budget, and each piece makes for a special modern heirloom. I know I’d love to own a cake stand. Or vase. Or salad plate. What can I say, I want it all…


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