Fabulous Fascinators (and some hats, too)

Our girl Kate Middleton loves hats and fascinators, and I hope it’s a trend that catches on – hats with the sole purpose of adding a little fun to your head!


How about a little fabulous for the bride?

{Above} Vivien Sheriff

{Clockwise from top left} Nigel Rayment, Gina Foster Millinery, Nigel Rayment, Jane Taylor Millinery


I am so wearing hats to weddings from now on. Maybe something a little bit wild…

{Above} Philip Treacy London

{Cl0ckwise from top left} Rachel Trevor-Morgan Millinery, Gina Foster Millinery, Beth Morgan Couture, Nigel Rayment


…or maybe just an utterly delightful hat!

{Above} Vivien Sheriff

{Clockwise from top left} Rachel Trevor-Morgan Millinery, Lock & Co. HattersRachel Trevor-Morgan Millinery, William Chambers Millinery

{Above} Noel Stewart



  • I can’t wait to see the big event- going to a lunch for SF Bride Magazine- Love the hats- I’m sure we;ll see plenty of them tomorrow- thanks for the inspiration

  • I absolutely ADORE hats, own several, and wear them whenever an opportunity presents itself.

    However, perhaps it’s just a U.S.A. thing, but two summers ago, I wore a hat to a wedding and the bride’s mother asked me to remove. =/ She said it looked like my ensemble was competing with the bride’s headpiece. I’m chalking it up to her being a total jerk. I haven’t ever read or heard anything in MIss Manners that said hats at weddings were inappropriate.

    Anyhoo – yes to more hats!!!!

  • I am completely over the moon for fascinators, and I can’t wait until I have a wedding or two (or some other excuse) to wear one at! I just love the black-feathered fascinator Kate is wearing in the lower right-hand picture. I really hope they take off in America post-royal wedding!

  • These are all so fun and stylish! I wish that wearing hats was popular in the states! If it were I would definitely have a large collection :) Check out my blog for some Vera Wang wedding inspiration!

    -Forever Lovely


  • Life is too short to worry about what others think – Be bold, be brave, do what makes you feel good! Don’t worry about it being trendy or popular. I always suggest starting off with a small flower, and as time goes by start wearing larger and bolder headpieces.

    If you simply can’t resist donning a huge hat, hold a High Tea Hat party.

    Long live hats!

    Millinery = The Art of Making Hats
    Milliner = A Person who Makes Hats

  • Shelton says:

    I’m in. I love these! I’ll TOTALLY wear a hat to the next wedding if you will. Now, all we need is somebody else to get married!

  • Mel says:

    Being from Scotland, I wouldn’t be seen dead without a hat at a wedding. Which ended up looking a bit odd at my American cousin’s wedding in Chicago 2 years ago when I was the only person wearing a huge hat. No one there seemed to understand why I was wearing one.

  • I am so excited about this and truly hope it takes off. I think I might have to start wearing them to weddings to see if I can help add to this trend. So much fun!!

  • I do hope the trend of wearing hats to weddings starts over here. the hats at the wedding were amazing! I don’t care how ridiculous some may have been, they were all fabulous!

  • Love all these beautiful hats!!!You know it is not so often wear these for a casual day.But I really want to use all of them:)

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