Farewell and Thank you!

Farewell and Thank you!

After more than ten years of posting here on Snippet & Ink, I’ve made the hard decision to say farewell. Many factors, both personal and professional, have led to this decision, and while I look forward to the next chapter, it is never easy to say goodbye.

To our dear readers, and to all of the wedding professionals who have shared their beautiful work with us over the years, thank you. We never would have come this far without your support and inspiration.

While we will no longer post new content, the Snippet & Ink archives contain some of the most beautiful ideas and most touching weddings and love stories you’ll ever see. We hope that you’ll continue to enjoy them and find inspiration there for creating your own meaningful wedding.

With love,


  • Best of luck, Kathryn! Snippet & Ink has always been my favorite wedding blog. You’ve published the most beautiful weddings, edited with restraint and great taste. I’ll miss you. On to new and exciting adventures, I hope. All the best … Jill

  • Thank you for all the genuine, heartfelt celebrations you’ve shared with us, Kathryn and the S&I team. This has been one of my favorite places for inspiration over the years, and I’m so glad those beautiful love stories and images will live on here.

    xox, Lena

  • A big farewell to you and Snippet & Ink lovely lady. I have so enjoyed the ride with you- from the enormous amount of beautiful boards, to the Polka Dot Groom takeover and everything in between.

    I hope our paths cross again and I wish you all the best with your future plans x

  • Valentine says:

    In 2010, I married by husband and since when your blog jas always be an inspiration…
    Thank you for the amazing stories you Shared with us and I whish you the best for your future
    Love from France

  • So sad to see you go! This has always been one of my favourite wedding blogs, especially because of your personal and warm voice – and we were proud to have some of the weddings we photographed featured here.
    Thank you and good luck for the next chapter! xx Teresa

  • You have been an inspiration to many of us in wedding world so sorry to see you are going.

    I wish you every success in your new ventures. Laura xx

  • Thank you for all of your love and support over the years. Everyone at La Tavola adores you. Thank you for paving the way for so many others. Always, Emarie & the entire La Tavola family.

  • You will be sorely missed in this community of ours! Truth be told, your publication was the one that inspired me to start, The Perfect Palette. You were definitely a pioneer in this space. Sending you lots of love! Best wishes, Kathryn!

  • Shanley McClure says:

    Will be so sad to see you go! Thank you for sharing your beauty with us over the years. :) <3 Shanley

  • I’m so sad to see you go. Your blog was always one of my favorites. Good luck with all of your future endeavors! xoxo

  • So very sad to see you go. Snippet & Ink is a landmark in our industry and we wish you many blessings on the journey ahead!

  • So sorry to hear this, Kathryn! I’ll miss your creativity and your beautiful posts! Snippet and Ink has always been such a beacon in the industry. You have a keen eye and a beautiful sense of style. Best wishes on your next adventure! xoxo

  • You have provided so much beauty and inspiration to our industry. So sorry to see you close this chapter but certain there are more wonderful things to come on your journey! Thank you for keeping us fed with beautiful images all these years! Best of luck to you Kathryn (and Christina)! Rosemary

  • Snippet & Ink was one of the first wedding blogs I read (if not the first), always one of my favorites, and in my opinion, one of the best. You’ve been an inspiration to me at both Southern Weddings and Em for Marvelous for your friendly personality, impeccable taste, and creative ideas. I will miss your presence here but hope to follow along with what you do next! Wishing you all the best!

  • All the very best to you!! You were a solid light in the this mad wedding world and will be missed! We were honored to be see our images grace your pages three times, each with a flood of excitement, as you are such a high mark to hit. Thank you for all your time and dedication over the years and all the best hopes for the next adventure.. giddy up!!

  • As many others have said, Snippet & Ink inspired me to start my blog and you were incredibly helpful all those years ago for which I’ll always be grateful. Wishing you all the very best for your future endeavours!

  • Wishing you all the best! Loved reading your blog these past few years – always such beautifully curated content. Your Friday link round ups were always a start to my weekend!
    Thank you for all the lovely inspiration!

  • Hazel Bourget says:

    You will definitely be missed. Snippet and Ink has been such a huge contributor in changing the approach to inspire and create timeless and memorable weddings. Thank you for all you have done for our industry. Wishing you all the best in your next endeavors. xo

  • You have an inspiration to many brides and wedding planners across the globe! Your work has been source of constant joy and learning for me..Thank you for that. Good luck for your future endeavors.

  • The wedding industry will never be the same after you Kathryn! You were inspiring to thousands & thousands – us included and we credit you with the start of inspiration and design boards. We will cherish all of your hard work for years to come! Cheers to new starts and making changes. xoxo, M + K

  • Lindsay says:

    Oh, so sad! Kathryn, I found you when I was dating my husband in 2008 or ’09. When he proposed in 2009, I poured and poured over winter inspiration on your site. I’ve watched your own wedding video so many times. I hope life brings you all the best. Thanks for adding some beauty to mine for years!

  • Helen and David your Vashon fans says:

    Kathryn, An end of an era for sure but
    knowing you,the best is yet to come. You
    are indeed a 🌟 STAR. We love 💕 you! Helen and David

  • Bennie says:

    Thank you for all the beauty and inspiration you shared with all of us over the years. Best of luck to you.

  • Kathryn,

    Your blog literally changed my life. I was an attorney with a passionless career, and your beautiful postings and narratives gave me the push I needed to do something more meaningful. One of my goals as an event producer was to make it into your blog, and I’m so sad that I’ll never achieve that goal. Regardless, know that your work was transformative for others and that you truly made a difference. I hope that wherever your path takes you you’ll walk it with confidence and without regret. You did a bang up job and you should be very proud. Please reach out any time, I’d love to buy you a cup of coffee and thank you in person! xo

    Hailey Yeager

  • So sad to see you! You have been an inspiration to many of people out there
    The wedding world will not be the same without you ! I wishe you all the best

  • So sad to read this! I remember those very first inspiration boards of yours and your ever-so-keen eye for exquisite details. All the best to you. xo

  • You will be so very missed! Thank you, Kathryn, for sharing your heart, your creativity, and your flawless style with us over the years. It has been a joy to follow along and be inspired by Snippet & Ink, and I wish you and your family all of the best!

  • Jackie Guerra says:

    Farewell! Snippet & Ink has been such an inspiration. Best of luck in ALL of your future endeavors!!! I will certainly miss reading your stories and you will remain a true role model to all those who officiate. The wedding world just won’t be the same with out you. Many thanks for all the amazing advice over the years!!

  • I’m going to miss your presence here, in spite of the fact I didn’t know you had said goodbye. Snippet and Ink was always my favorite. Oh world. I hate the changes.

  • It’s the most beautiful wedding. This place and moment you spent seems really amazing. We look for more weddings. Thank you so much for sharing it to the world.

  • Oh! I just came to check in and read your announcement with sadness. Thank you so much for sharing my work over the years and too for providing such beautiful inspiration for brides and grooms the world over. You will be missed! All the best in your newest venture. Thank you again!

  • Kathryn, I miss you! You brought so much beauty and joy, love and inspiration and expertise…I’m so honored to have been included in this stunningly creative adventure of yours. Thank you for sharing my work among so much talent. Snippet & Ink is a treasure chest – thank you for keeping it for others to uncover and delight in! Much love, Meg

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