Favorites 2012: Cake

It’s that time of year again! Today and tomorrow I’ll be posting some of my favorite things from this year’s inspiration boards before signing off for the holidays. I actually look forward to these posts all year, and every time I create an inspiration board I think about which images might end up in a “Favorites” post. First up, seven of my favorite cakes from 2012 inspiration boards.

Buttercream cake from Board #546: Be My Honeybee, cake from Martha Stewart Weddings.

Madeleine “cake” from Board #547: Pale Paris Morning, cake from Martha Stewart Weddings.

Tiny chocolate cake from Board #549: Peach Rose & Gray, photo by Elizabeth Messina.

Cake with stone fruits from Board #566: Farm to Table, photo by Jose Villa.

Cheese “cake” from Board #569: Warm Rustic Elegance, photo by Allyson Magda.

Art Deco cake from Board #570: Gilded Halloween, photo by Jen Huang.

Silver cake from Board #573: Silver and Sugar Plum, cake by Yummy Cupcakes & Cakes.


See all my other favorites right here!


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