February Giveaway | Cosmos Bandeaux by Jennifer Behr

Jennifer Behr creates some of the most beautiful bridal accessories out there – . Well, this week of Valentine’s day, one Snippet & Ink reader will win a gorgeous Cosmos Bandeaux from Jennifer Behr! Here she is layered under an ethereal drop veil, plus a few more of my favorite Jennifer Behr pieces (you might remember the pretty crystal piece I wore at my own wedding…). All photos by Belathée.

Here she is again, that pretty Cosmos, valued at $625. Made by hand in Jennifer Behr‘s New York City workshop with Swarovski crystals, it’s a true heirloom piece that is both timeless and of-the-moment.

So, how to win?! Just leave a comment on this post letting us know how the Cosmos Bandeaux would complete your bridal look (extra points for evocative descriptions).

Contest begins Monday, February 11, 2013 at 10:30AM PST, and ends Thursday, February 14, 2013 at 11:59PM PST. The winner will be selected by Snippet & Ink, and notified by email. Please note: winner must live in the United States or Canada (excluding Quebec).


Official contest rules.

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  • My sister has been looking for a piece like this for her wedding for as long as I can remember. It would be the perfect finishing touch!

  • Elyse G. says:

    It would make me feel like I was out of scene in Downton Abbey. And really, what could be better than that? *fingers crossed*

  • Katie says:

    This beautiful piece showcases art deco geometry while maintaining a delicate touch. My fiance’s family is from Ghana, West Africa so we’re dreaming up a 1920’s vintage African theme. This beautiful accessory would perfectly complete by Gatsby-inspired look!

  • Laura says:

    Oh my. That piece has been on the my pinterest board before I was engaged. I assumed I would have it; I even bought a dress that I thought would go well with it. It wasn’t until then I started looking into ordering it and found my budget was limited due to some recent events. I simply can’t find anything else quite as exquisite in a price range I can appreciate. I will beg if you let me…

  • Mandy says:

    This is a fabulous piece!!!! eeek! I love that it’s slightly art deco but classic at the same time and oh so sparkly. I didn’t want to wear a veil but I hadn’t found the perfect headpiece yet either… this would be ABSOLUTELY perfect! please…….. best of luck to all other entrants!

  • I have been obsessing over this headpiece for weeks! It is gorgeous! I already have the perfect veil to blend with the piece. My wedding is a modern take on the classics. Think Grace Kelly mixed with a modern lady! It also reminds me of my FAVE tv show, Downton Abbey!

  • Lauren says:

    The Cosmos Bandeaux headband couldn’t go more perfectly with the Great Gatsby-meets-Great-Expectations look I’ve put together for my wedding — the intricate design of the headpiece echos the ornate beading and sequins on my Art Deco-style dress from Jenny Packham (Jenny + Jennifer = match made in heaven!) After the wedding, I would love to tuck it away as an heirloom piece to pass on to my family’s future brides.

  • Lulu says:

    Jennifer Behr creates beautiful, delicate, and feminine headpieces. They’re jaw-dropping. My wedding is very simple as well as my wedding dress. A simple bias cut silk dress. I think a headpiece would complete the look by being the one statement piece I wear on my wedding day. Good luck to the fortunate winner. Jennifer Behr, keep up the stunning work.

  • Kelly says:

    I’ve been searching for the perfect headband-type item to complete my ensemble, and this would be EXACTLY the PERFECT one!

  • kathleen says:

    Ah! Such an appropriate giveaway for today, i’ve been avoiding the Monday blues by searching for bridal headpieces. I’ve been drooling over the cosmos headpiece for months, it would go very nicely with my BHLDN flamenca gown. I’m getting married in my childhood church in the Smoky Mountains, and while it’s a simple location and an informal wedding, every bride still needs to feel glam, don’t they? I’d pretend I was Lady Mary, heading to her little country church to be wed!

  • Stephanie says:

    This gorgeous accessory would be the cherry on top of my Kelly Faetanini gown (Stella). Our wedding is taking place at a colonial restaurant on George Washington’s estate and I cannot think of a more feminine and timeless piece than this to complete the look and feel.

  • Lindsay says:

    The Cosmos Bandeaux would be the perfect accessory for my vintage glam wedding. I’m not planning on wearing a lot of jewelry and this would add just enough sparkle without taking away from the dress.

  • Mary Villasmil says:

    I am wearing a mantilla veil for my ceremony but the cosmo bandeaux in the crystal gunmetal would add the perfect touch to my reception look making me look elegant and vintage like my theme.

  • Caitlin says:

    This headpiece would be the “pièce de résistance” for my wedding attire! My dress is simple (Paloma Blaca 3906 – google images doesn’t do it justice!). It’s got covered button down the back all the way into the train. I’m going to wear my hair half up and wavy. Simple. I’ve incorporated my love of Art Nouveau into my invitation suite and this would the perfect way to tie it into my look! It has some of the same “deco” look that my invitations have! UGH – gorgeous.

  • I will be wearing an invory Christos Sarah gown on my wedding day. It’s an ethereal corded lace gown with a full skirt and ivory bow to tie it all in. I want to look like a vision and having the perfect accessories is going to make my non-blingy dress come to life. All of my friends and colleagues know me as being a headband kind-of-girl…I have a huge collection in all colours and designs and I’ve been thinking a headband with a head of loose, full curls would be perfect. The Cosmos Bandeaux would be perfect – I could have a beautiful headband to tie in with my vintage chic look and still have a veil – an accessory that is perfect for me. I could do a simply earring and perhaps a cuff and call it a day….perfection.

    Just look at the dress and imagine it all together … AHHHH!:)(L)


  • Ramya says:

    I’m getting married in an old factory so the vintage spirit of this piece would pair incredibly well. I’m also trying to convey both Indian and western traditions stylistically and things are definitely leaning a bit more Indian right now. This is the perfect piece to pair with a sari to create a beautiful fusion look.

  • Amber says:

    could not imagine a more stunning and well-designed piece to crown a brides crown… truly a work of art. it would add that little something delicate & sparkly to the little lace number passed down through my family. even though the dress has changed slightly over the years, a headpiece like this would sure be a welcome accessory to add to the tradition.
    it would be a dream come true to pair it with my (gramma’s/momma’s) wedding dress on what’s sure to be the Best Day.

  • The Cosmos bandeau is just the finishing touch I’ve been looking for. A wedding veil wouldn’t work with my sleek, simple halter-neck sheath dress and pixie-short hair, but an Art Deco headband would satisfy my need for sparkle, while complementing both my dress and the dramatic architecture of our wedding venue.

    We’re getting married in the atrium of a science institute, complete with star charts in the getting-ready rooms. I’m imagining how the headband’s orbit-inspired concentric arcs of crystals would complement the venue’s theme of exploration and charting of new territory, especially the inlaid marble compass rose my fiance and I will be standing on for our ceremony. The interplay of the Cosmos bandeau and the compass rose would mark our exact location in the universe as we promise to chart the course of our future together.

  • I have been looking for a beautiful head piece just like this. It reminds me of the one Lady Mary wore on Downton Abbey!!!

  • This is SOOOO gorgeous!!! I would LOVE to wear this amazing crown for my french wedding in south of France!!! I really can’t afford such a beautiful piece and would be so happy to win!!! This gorgeous Cosmos Bandeaux would perfectly complete my evening Art Nouveau dress! As we say in french for “which me luck”: Je croise les doigts”!!

  • Sarah says:

    The art deco look would compliment everything – the style of the reception, the venue, the dress, and my engagement ring!

  • Beth says:

    This has to be the icing on my wedding look cake! I’m getting married outside, and I can just see the sun (hopefully!) catching those crystals while saying my vows. It would be breath-taking!

  • Nicole D. says:

    This bandeau is absolutely gorgeous. After spending many months deciding on a wedding theme, my fiance and I drew from the venue we both fell in love with the moment we walked in the doors: The Gershon Fox building in Hartford, CT. It is a gorgeous, historical Art Deco venue with huge marble columns, lighting that drips with crystals, intricate detailing of inlaid wood, gold leafing, and more. I was planning on wearing my curly hair loosely pinned up with my grandmother’s antique veil and have been looking at hair pieces to add a romantic Art Deco touch to it. Think: “Great Gatsby.” The Cosmos bandeau adds that vintage touch that I have been looking for and would look beautiful with soft curls cascading around it. My dress is ivory with a deep v-neck front and gorgeous beading/crystals through out. (Reminiscent of this: http://pinterest.com/pin/17310779789233342/) The intricate designs around the bust and hip area play into the pattern of this headpiece and is romantic and feminine.

  • Susan says:

    I’m getting married at the San Diego Zoo, so I’m definitely looking for something out of the ordinary for my wedding. After all, I don’t want the cheetahs and giraffes to outshine me! These are truly breathtaking creations, and I’d be proud to wear any of them at my wild wedding.

  • Erin says:

    My dress is rather simple, so I’ve been searching for something special as a headpiece. I think I pinned this one a while ago, along with one of the gold leaves ones. It would be lovely to win it!

  • Megs says:

    Well, it wouldn’t complete my look, because I’m not getting married, but it would look gorgeous on my little sister who is getting married this June! It would beautifully match the silver applique on the shoulder straps of her dress.

  • I can’t believe you are giving this away because I keep staring at it on my Pinterest board of wedding inspiration!! My ring is a vintage deco heirloom and belt for my wedding dress is deco but understated. I have been looking for the perfect headband to complete the look but nothing else compares (and this is quite a bit out of my price range, thus my wistful staring)… I will keep my fingers crossed!!

  • natalie says:

    jennifer’s pieces are a deco darling dream. i am getting married at the sunset tower in los angeles in august – the sunset tower is a los angeles art deco landmark – built in 1929 and playing host to the likes of liz taylor (swoon) and frank sinatra (double swoon). my dress is a 30s style marchesa, with flowing lace that dips low in the back and ends in a delicate (and not too long train). no only would jennifer’s gorgeous pieces be an epic match for my dress – but also for our location. i am a writer in hollywood and i’ve long admired the esther williams’ the his girl fridays and the audrey’s of yore… i know jennifer’s pieces would let me an old timey starlet – if only for just one day!

  • It is stunning. My dress is pretty simple and clean-cut, and it would add a nice bit of sparkle and pizzazz to my look, for sure!

  • OMG! It’s absolutely exquisite!! We’re having a sunset wedding in Cabo and this veil will look amazing with my strapless mermaid dress! Our wedding is going to an elegant and romantic affair and wearing this beauty will make it extra special!

  • Katie says:

    This headpiece is amazing and would be gorgeous both at the church for our wedding and the children’s science museum for our reception. There’s something about it that is perfect for math geek who grew up looking at the stars with her parents and is about to marry a science/engineering geek.

  • I’ve already been a bride, but would use a beautiful headpiece to wear to San Francisco’s black and white ball next year. Always my favorite formal event!

  • Clarissa says:

    I am actually posting on behalf of my friend. We will probably make her headpiece (if she doesn’t win) but I am delighted that she has met a wonderful man and that they are planning a wedding that is 100% them. A party to celebrate their union. I thought this would be a wonderful something new.

  • Katie says:

    I’m getting married on the edge of a pond in the forest, surrounded by tall trees and lush ferns. I want to the day to be elegant, and my details will be refined yet glamorous. This piece would be just perfect with my silk sheath dress, playing up the Art Deco vibe. It would also keep my hair out of my eyes when I hug my family and friends and steal glances of my future husband.

  • Megan Gibson says:

    Um WOW. This giveaway is beyond awesome. I would love to wear this beautiful piece from Jennifer behr. My wedding is going to be outdoors with a ton of white lights and wildflowers. This would look gorgeous with my dress, which is strapless with lace at the bottom and a short train. I also would wear it underneath my veil as showed. I cannot imagine winning this. Thank you so so much for hosting this. Somebody is going to be very lucky come Thursday.

  • Rowan says:

    I have coveted Behr’s pieces since I got engaged. Wearing this bandeau would make me feel so ethereal, but I did not dare dream of this piece because it is so far outside my price range. If I were to win the cosmos bandeaux I would be so incredibly humbled and my day would be all the more magical for it.

  • Christina says:

    Jennifer Behr’s headpieces are absolutely stunning. I am wearing a simple lace sheath dress at my wedding. I would love to wear this exquisite accessory under a veil during the ceremony and have it shine uncovered during the reception. The headpiece will perfectly match the crystals in my bouquet completing my outfit. It would be a brilliant statement piece that I would never be able to afford without the help of Snippet and Ink.

  • Cara says:

    I would love this bandeau. I have very short hair and not many options as a result in terms of headpieces, and this one would stand out in a completely original and beautiful way that would complement my dress perfectly.

  • Valerie Henderson says:

    My wedding dress has art deco details in crystals and silver beads and would work with this band so perfectly! My roommate is styling my short bob into Marcel Waves for the big day and I want to use a headband of some sort instead of a veil. I’ve actually been eying this headband (and frankly just oggling Ms.. Behr’s website) for simply ages, but my whole wedding budget is $2500, so I can’t actually afford it without your help Snippet and Ink!

  • Cali says:

    I’m pretty sure I’m wearing my grandmother’s dress–this would be the perfect new piece that complements the 1940s style!

  • Oh, these pieces took my breath away. They are so classic and beautiful! I’m known among my friends for LOVING hairpieces — I add them whenever I can, and ever since I’ve been engaged I’ve known I wanted a headpiece to take center stage. We’re planning a romantic, whimsical wedding, with lots of wildflowers and lace. We are under a tight budget, but I hope people come away feeling elegant and relaxed and happy. I want to take them away for a day. I hope to get a wedding ring that is very organic, ornamental, and floral — and hand-designed by us! These headpieces fit perfectly into my vision and I’d be very honored to win.

  • Jennifer’s pieces are so gorgeous. The hair pieces sparkle beautifully, without taking away from the blusing bride. Wearing one of this fabulous pieces on my fabulous day would make me feel like a truley lucky lady.

  • Emily says:

    I love this piece! It would add sparkle under my veil and looks as delicate as the lace on my dress. The whole look of our wedding is understated elegance and this headpiece would tie in perfectly with that!

  • Anastasia says:

    What’s a princess with a crown! This is so lovely and ethereal that I’d feel like a fairy princess wearing it :)

  • Crystal says:

    All of the headpieces are absolutely beautiful! And especially the cosmos! I think something like that would make every woman feel amazing on her big day! I know I would love to be wearing it on mine this June! It would be perfect with my vintage themed wedding at Sodo Park in Seattle – a 1907 warehouse with antique and vintage details. It’s also the sort of amazing piece I would think up occasions for and reasons to wear again and again!

  • Leslie says:

    I think that this piece would go perfectly with the look and feel of my wedding. We are getting married in a historic building in downtown Honolulu (it definitely has a little bit of a vintagey / art deco kind of vibe). My overall bridal look is simple, sweet and a little vintage and this bandeaux would be the right amount of bling to make it special!

  • Becca says:

    It’s the culmination of one big love and many little indulgent things that make a wedding unlike any other day. Jennifer Behr’s bandeaux just adds to the other-worldliness I imagine that day will entail. It’s sure to become an heirloom piece, cherished and shared for years. My own engagement is just in the bud stages, and the only thing I can be sure of is that my sister, a seamstress for the NYC Ballet, will be sewing my dress <3

  • Alice says:

    How romantic! It would be such a joy to wear this for my October wedding in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which promises to be autumnal and rustic with a bit of an art nouveau twist.. I’ve already found the perfect, understated dress from the 1930s, which this bandeuax would compliment perfectly. Maybe both will become heirlooms in my family!

  • Cara says:

    This would go perfectly with my Art Nouveau wedding dress – ethereal, wispy layers of thin ivory silk in a Goddess cut (that I found five years ago at an Ohio estate sale). Perfect for a Savannah wedding under the moss and moon.

  • Sarah RK says:

    I’m absolutely enthralled by this stunning piece! It evokes such a paradisaical romance and old-world elegance. Simple in its delicacy, it would be positively enchanting with my intricately beaded and vintage lace Reem Acra gown for our sophisticated wedding in charming Santa Barbara.

  • I absolutely LOVE Jennifer Behr pieces and the Cosmos Bandeaux is stunning; it evokes an old-world elegance with a delicate early 1900s feel and nostalgia for art nouveau. I have had the opportunity to style with many Jennifer Behr pieces in the past, but would love to wear one myself in my sister-in-law’s wedding this year. While the bridesmaids’ gowns are the same, their accessories—sashes, earrings, and headpieces—are all going to suit the specific style of the individual wearing them; and this, would be divine!

  • Hannah R says:

    Jennifer’s pieces are so beautiful. I’d wear it with an ivory gown that was long and ethereal with light makeup in really pretty pink tones to create a the greek goddess effect.

  • I wear a headband nearly every single day (probably partially because my fiance loves when I wear them),so I have been searching high and low for the perfect one to wear for our wedding day in late summer. This Cosmos Bandeaux takes the (wedding!) cake! Our wedding is in a historic rustic barn and I have a very simple flowy dress with no bling. This headband would complete my look with a statement piece and glamorize our rustic venue. Since I usually wear simpler headbands, if I walk down the isle with this, my fiance will be in groom heaven. :) It is stunning and would be an honor to wear- love it!

  • Julie says:

    Jennifer Behr makes the MOST gorgeous headpieces I’ve ever seen. Winning this piece would be like living in a fairy tale for a day… Adding just the right amount of sparkle. Anyone who wins this will be a lucky girl!

  • Talia B says:

    As a bride on a budget it was decided a loooong time ago that my gown would be simple and elegant while my accessories would complete the look. Jennifer Behr never ceases to complete a look or to make me feel like a grown up princess. Her pieces are ethereal…. Modern day tiaras for grown up little girls wanting to look and feel like royalty.

  • Agnes C says:

    I’m already married but was never really satisfied with my wedding preparations and the pictures! I’m not even sure if the pictures clearly captured the wedding day. I am hoping to redo the pictures and capture a more modern, mature and romantic side from my marriage. My tastes have changed and I’ve grown older and I am more aware of what I want now. I love Jennifer Behr designs and since it isn’t always affordable I am always on ebay to find a relatively priced new headpiece. No luck yet! I am hoping to win and sometime in the near future be able to wear this headpiece as I take some new pictures to remember by!

  • Elizabeth says:

    I have to admit I was totally taken aback when I first saw that photo pop-up and am even more ashamed that I wasn’t familiar with Jennifer Behr (I know – I know!). My initial shock was that the headpiece looks astonishingly similar to the one my grandmother wore on her wedding day. I’ve only seen the photos a few times since I was a girl but I always remembered the beautiful sparkling headband she wore when she married my grandfather so many years ago. Unfortunately, that veil has been lost to the passing of time, and so too my grandmother. She passed two days before Christmas this year at the amazing age of 97. I can’t imagine a more perfect way to honor her at my wedding than to wear the incredible Cosmos Bandeaux.

  • L.Chua says:

    Gorgeous headpiece, I am slowly creating my collection towards my wedding day.

  • Chris says:

    oh my, that is stunning! I have been at a total loss for how to style my dress, I think this would be the perfect piece to work from!

  • Erica says:

    I have the saddest story about this Cosmos headband! I am getting married in two months and went to purchase the Cosmos headband with my aunt.. She was purchasing it for me as an early (very special) shower gift. As the women was packing up the headband one part of the front strings snapped. She insisted that she could not sell it to us in a broken state but even worse she wouldn’t be able to reorder it in time for us. I was so disappointed because this was the perfect headpiece for my very simple art deco dress.
    I would give anything for this second time at this headband!! I would be the most grateful winner for sure!

  • Melissa O. says:

    I think this piece would be just what I am looking for to complete the vintage style with a modern twist look I have going. So beautiful and a piece that can definitely bring awe.

  • Alicia K says:

    i love the Rosita – Tiny Crystal Scallop Headwrap in Crystal. SOOO absolutely beautiful for the look i am going for

  • Debra J. says:

    The perfect accessory to complete my elegant, romantic look and ethereal garden themed wedding!

  • Suzy says:

    I have a very vintage feel to my wedding and any one of those hair pieces would be PERFECT to complete my look!

  • Ellen says:

    What a completely beautiful piece. My aunt recently described my “look” as ‘sophisticated vintage’ — and our wedding has a lovely, old-St. Louis, glamorous feel to it that would be perfectly encapsulated by the Cosmos Bandeaux. This piece is far outside anything I would be able to incorporate into my budget, so I would feel incredibly lucky to be able to wear it!

  • Megan says:

    I never played the princess growing up, it was much more fun to slay the dragon myself.
    And while I was nowhere near the prom queen, I grew into my skin just fine as a young adult without winning a cheap tiara. But now, as a fiance betrothed to my love, I cannot wait to step into my role as a modern woman, confident enough to change a flat tire but elegant enough to wear a beautiful gown and a glittering halo. The Cosmos Bandeaux is made for the woman who knows who she is, holds her shoulders back and her head high, and is not afraid to say, “Here I am, don’t I look fabulous?” I just happen to think that woman is me.

  • Honora says:

    Any of these stunning pieces would be perfect for my intimate 1920s-inspired wedding. Classic, refined, and evocative of a love from an age gone by. Tres chic!

  • Sarah says:

    It is unbelievably exciting to see this gem of an adornment being offered to one lucky bride. I’m beaming with hope that I could possibly have the pleasure of owning such a a work of art. I have admired this exact piece for quite some time believing I would never have the chance to posses it so I would truly feel like the luckiest woman alive to receive it as it is clearly an heirloom to treasure. As I cannot express how much I adore this piece in my own words so I will sadly resort to quoting one of my favorite films:

    Oh bliss! Bliss and heaven! Oh, it was gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh. It was like a bird of rarest-spun heaven metal or like silvery wine flowing in a spaceship, gravity all nonsense now.

  • Allison says:

    These Jennifer Behr headpieces are breathtaking! I’ve been looking for a headpiece with Swarovski crystals to match the ones sewn into my dress. These are perfect!

  • These pieces are so incredibly beautifulI am having my mother’s wedding gown modified and one of these pieces would complete the vintage and elegant look of our wedding!

  • I’ve never wanted to “feel like a princess” on my big day and everyone else’s attempts to make me see why this is important have failed. However, these pieces are so beautiful, unique, and delicate, that I not only see the appeal, I covet them upon my own head!

  • I love Jennifer’s work! I’ve been looking all week for the perfect headpiece for my June wedding!

    I would wear this piece with my simple ivory dress. The sparkle from the headpiece will work perfectly with my jewelled belt! Classic and simple. xo!

  • Kristina says:

    I love all of the headpieces, but I think the cosmos bandeaux headpiece would work beautifully to dress up my otherwise simple dress. It is absolutely stunning with the veil. I think it would match perfectly in the old catholic church I am getting married in and the victorian era Arcade we plan to have our reception. This piece would definitely complete my look.!

  • Tricia says:

    My gown is very 1930s with a slim cut, alencon lace with scalloped edging, slight cap sleeves and a keyhole back. The ivory shade is more of a rich cream, and the very thin, very delicate veil would be beautifully complimented by one of laurel-style crystal Jennifer Behr headbands. It would add a touch of glitz to an otherwise very simple, classic look.

  • Maggie says:

    Two weeks ago I met my mother in New York city where we were determined to find my wedding dress. After scouring the racks of numerous thrift/consignment shops we ended up at my only appointment of the weekend at The Bridal Garden. I was dead set on finding a dress here because I loved their concept of selling donated gowns and giving all profits to charity. If I had to describe my style I would call it “relaxed vintage hippy boho chic.” That said, I had always envisioned myself in a lace dress with no poof and no sparkle. After trying on 8 dresses I took a shot in the dark and tried on a taffeta one shoulder gown with Swarovski crystal detail. I was in LOVE. Who knew that deep down I had the desire to sparkle and shine on my wedding day?! I feel that the cosmos bandeaux would beautifully compliment my dress while also adding the vintage element that I am still craving and complete my look.

  • julie n says:

    Oh my gosh, the Cosmos Bandeaux is absolutely gorgeous! I love the art deco-styled detail and i think it would look lovely with my wedding dress, Bernadette, by Maggie Sottero. It’s got the sparkle and shine that I am going for, with a hint of romance. Even better, I love that the model is wearing the Bandeaux with her hair up because I am planning on wearing an up-do since my gown has a keyhole back detail. It also is beautiful enough to wear without a veil … exactly what I was planning because we’re having a bit of a non-traditional Asian wedding. Beautiful work, Jennifer!

  • Hailey says:

    Oh. My. Word. What an exquisite piece! I am absolutely smitten with the Cosmos Bandeaux. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been so taken with the style and grace of the twenties. This would be the perfect piece to pair with my Grandmother’s art deco lace wedding gown (from the twenties!). My wedding is going to be held in a hundred year old barn in Montana. I am styling everything to match my lovely heirloom of a gown, with all my bridesmaids in vintage dresses from the era. I would love to wear this beautiful crown below my cathedral veil and pass it on to my daughter one day!

  • This piece would be stunning for my daughter. We have agreed that I will buy her accessories for her dress, but since I am on a tight budget, I was hoping to keep the accessories as cost-efficient as possible. This would be an exquisite gift to a girl who means so much to me and would add that “wow” factor that we’ve been looking for! I could get her a simple pearl earring and a vintage bracelet to match the feel of the Cosmos Bandeaux. She would be overjoyed and I would feel like I’ve contributed to making her feel stunning on her special day!

  • I absolutely love the deco look of this piece – so much that it was one of my first wedding pins on Pinterest! I could only hope to wear it on my wedding day this August. It’s so gorgeous, I’ve actually been trying to think of ways to re-wear it in “everyday” life to get the most out of it…. why not, right?

  • Oh my gosh, this would be the perfect piece for my best friends wedding! Her dress is strapless with simple lines and buttons down the back. This would be the perfect statement piece. What a beautiful giveaway! Thank you!

  • Sami says:

    The headpiece would complete my vintage look and feel so well! It’ll help me feel like Daisy to my fiance’s Gatsby! The pieces are elegant and lovely with a touch of gentle coyness– love, love, love.

  • maggie says:

    my boyfriend proposed to me two weeks ago after 3 years of navigating a long distance relationship. we won’t be able to have the fairytale wedding and reception and dress i’d always dreamed of but i’ve got my dream guy so i’m happy. we’re making it official at city hall. i’ll be wearing a chris benz two piece skirt suit i snagged on ebay back in college but never had a chance to wear. the ensemble is made up of a backless tuxedo halter vest top, tiered ruffles, chiffon, silk, and all in a color that is the lightest, dreamiest shade of baby pink. yes, it sounds ridiculous but somehow it all comes together to be chic, daring, romantic, and even classic. i’ll be wearing a pair of navy manolos my mother bought for herself with her first paycheck in the 80’s for my something blue. I would love for this jennifer behr headband to tie my sounds-ridiculous on paper but somehow works wedding day look together as my something new.

  • Christina says:

    Our ceremony is at Hycroft, a wonderful heritage manor with art deco architecture and grounds that would perfectly compliment “the” Cosmos Bandeau. My dress is a classic old hollywood in terms of the lines, but not a lot of sparkle, and I know this piece would add that perfect touch with my crystal earrings for a perfect wedding look!

  • Gert says:

    I have been drooling over the cosmos bandeaux for months as it would go perfectly with my 1920’s inspired gown. It’s obviously a handmade treasure that’s sure to become a passed down heirloom. Unfortunately, it’s a treasure that I can’t afford so I will continue to drool wistfully. Good luck girls!

  • I am so sad I missed this chance to win this amazing Gatsby style headband. This is from my dream era and would really complete the look I have been trying to accomplish for my day.

  • Alina says:

    Perfect! My future husband and I are running away to the most lovely city to be married and celebrating at the most fantastic of restaurants. San Sebastian and restaurant Mugaritz, in April. My fiancee has amazing taste and picked the perfect vintage ring. Found the dream dress which I planned to wear simply and unadorned. No veil. Carrying a small arrangements of white flowers. I have been looking for something special, a stament of some sort that would bring it all together and this may be it. Such a beautiful piece. It speaks for itself.

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  • I adore this head piece and have been hunting it down and beseeching custom designers to do something similar for months. My fiancé and I inherited a deco diamond ring after my grandmother passed last year and we’ve been designing our small (but hopefully very chic!) wedding accordingly. It will be a winter wedding so this piece, plus my grandmothers ring , my vintage gown, and the chilly milieu would be a dream come true!

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