Floral Spotlight No. 4 :: Dahlia


We never met a flower we didn’t like, and while we fawn over floral arrangements that incorporate a variety of blooms, we also think there is a simplicity and beauty in choosing just one type of flower to use in your bouquet or centerpieces. In this series, we highlight the unique charm of individual flowers, and we show just how lovely they can be when given the chance to take center stage.

Photos by CHRISTINA MCNEILL.  Floral Design by LOOP FLOWERS.


Dahlias are the quintessential summer bloom. Their peak season is Mid-June through October, and we are so lucky that there is an abundance of dahlias grown locally here in the Bay Area. Dahlias come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes—from vibrant saturated colors to soft blush and neutral tones, small pom varieties that are as small as 2″ in diameter and big fluffy dinner plate dahlias that can reach up to 1 foot in diameter. When it comes to creating a dahlia-filled arrangement, the possibilities are endless! Also, did you know that dahlias originated in Mexico and are the national flower of Mexico, as well as the official flower of San Francisco?




Thank you to Ramekins for allowing us to use your beautiful venue!  This post is sponsored by RICHARD PHOTO LAB.

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