Floral Spotlight No. 3 :: Dogwood

dogwood floral arrangement


We never met a flower we didn’t like, and while we fawn over floral arrangements that incorporate a variety of blooms, we also think there is a simplicity and beauty in choosing just one type of flower to use in your bouquet or centerpieces. In this series, we highlight the unique charm of individual flowers, and we show just how lovely they can be when given the chance to take center stage.


Photos by Christina McNeill.  Floral Design by Loop Flowers.


Dogwood Floral Arrangement


The thought of dogwood trees flowering in the spring is enough to get us through winter…their white blooms (also in pink!) and wild branches are just so pretty!


dogwood flowers pink wall san francisco


Dogwood might not always be the first flower you think of when putting together a floral arrangement, but it’s a wonderful way to add some seasonal flair to any spring gathering. Don’t be afraid to let the branches find their own way to fall in the arrangement—it’s dogwood’s natural beauty that makes it truly spectacular!


miette san francisco with dogwood flower arrangement on green bistro table(Thank you to Miette for letting us stage this shot at your storefront!)


Christina McNeill and Loop Flowers are Snippet & Ink Select vendors.


This post is sponsored by Richard Photo Lab.


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