Jessie & Ryan | Food Truck Wedding at The Accidental Winery

Tyler Branch | Snippet & Ink

This fun food truck wedding from photographer Tyler Branch is everything I love most about weddings: simple, authentic, lovely. And with summer fast approaching (or having arrived in some places already!), it’s the perfect way to kick off the week…

Tyler Branch | Snippet & Ink

Bridesmaids wore a variety of dresses in shades of pink and green, purchased from AnthropologieJ.CrewTarget, and BHLDN.

Tyler Branch | Snippet & InkTyler Branch | Snippet & Ink

All of the flowers were done by the couple’s friends and family.

Tyler Branch | Snippet & InkTyler Branch | Snippet & InkTyler Branch | Snippet & Ink

“Something that we really tried to do was honor Ryan’s mom through our wedding as best as we could,” says Jessie. “She had passed away about a month before our wedding and we were all caught by surprise. There were so many little things she had talked about and planned for our big day, and we were so thankful to see those things come to life at our wedding. Things like an all white bouquet, enough food for everyone to eat as much as they wanted, and having her sons and husband walk a flower down the aisle in her honor.”

Tyler Branch | Snippet & InkTyler Branch | Snippet & Ink

The bride’s favorite part of the day? “The whole day was just the best, it is so hard to choose just one moment!,” she says. “I really loved our vows though. We decided to do traditional ones, as well as writing our own. I loved hearing and sharing our hearts for each other in front of all the people we love. I also really loved once the dancing started. We really have some of the best friends in the world, and they were finally all together with us celebrating the monumental thing we just did! It was such a great feeling to just be there in that moment with all of them rejoicing over the fact that we are married and they all played a part in it in some special way!”

Tyler Branch | Snippet & InkTyler Branch | Snippet & InkTyler Branch | Snippet & Ink

Guests tossed lavender buds at the newlyweds as the walked down the aisle together.

Tyler Branch | Snippet & InkTyler Branch | Snippet & InkTyler Branch | Snippet & Ink

The day was full of DIY details – even the music was a Spotify playlist made by the groom. Shares the bride, “I definitely bit off more than I could chew when it came to small details! I sewed over 200 napkins for all the guests with fabric that Ryan and I had gathered over the course of our engagement. My uncle made about 25 beautiful wooden picnic tables for all of the guests to sit at. My dad, who is a welder by profession, made 10 chandeliers that we hung in all of the trees over the reception area for the most picturesque lighting a bride could ask for! All of those things made our wedding so personal and sweet to us – we were so humbled by the amount of effort everyone put into our wedding.”

Tyler Branch | Snippet & InkTyler Branch | Snippet & InkTyler Branch | Snippet & Ink

For dinner, guests enjoyed pulled pork sandwiches, grass fed beef burgers with kale and cheddar grits, jerk chicken sandwiches, and french fries, all catered by the MIHO Gastrotruck. Instead of cake, there was an ice chest filled with the bride and groom’s favorite popsicles and ice creams.

Tyler Branch | Snippet & InkTyler Branch | Snippet & Ink



Why did you choose this location for your wedding?  This location was very special to me. It is my Uncle Mike’s avocado ranch and a place that holds many memories for the whole family. We celebrated my grandmothers 90th birthday there, pumpkin patch parties, and other family gatherings. It was the first family wedding though, and I am so honored to say it was ours. Having it at a family home made it so fun and so easy. My dad, aunts and uncles, and cousins really made it beautiful and that wouldn’t have happened any other place! Not to mention it is one of the most beautiful hidden treasures in the whole world!

What inspired you when you were planning your wedding?  Over the past couple years I have been able to travel to really beautiful places, like Myanmar, Belize, Germany, San Francisco, and some others. In all of these places I have observed and come to love different cultures, and people, and the way they do things. I loved learning about how people gather. It was so exciting to me to think about all of these people from different worlds and different walks of our life coming together in one place. The thought of throwing them all a party was so inspiring me! I have been very visually inspired by all of these places and the natural beauty that they all hold. I also have been very inspired by my job and the creative people I work with. I work at Anthropologie so the aesthetic of our wedding was definitely influenced by that.

Did you include any traditions in your wedding?  We actually didn’t want to have a super traditional wedding. We did say traditional vows and pledges, but other than that, we just wanted to do what we wanted. We didn’t have cake or a bouquet toss, or anything like that. Mostly because we just didn’t feel it was us.

What was the best advice you received as a bride?  Honestly, the best advice was people just telling me that I just had to do what I wanted to do. When you are a bride people always think they have better advice than the person who talked to you last, but the truth is, every couple is so different and does things SO differently. Hearing a bunch of different advice from a million different people can really get inside your head!

What advice do you have for other brides?  There are so many options for how you plan and how you want your wedding to look. You really just have to find out all of those things together and surround yourself with people who will join in on your vision and help you create the day of your dreams. Also, as obvious as it may seem, pay so much attention to your new husband. It is the best day, but also the most overwhelming. It is really easy to walk around and get pulled in different directions to say hi, thank people, and get in everyone’s Instagram picture, but you just have to remember to stay together and enjoy everything as a brand new couple!

Is there anything else that helps tell the story of the day?  One thing that was so special, that I would suggest to anyone, is making a whole weekend out of your wedding. Our rehearsal dinner was so special to us and just as sweet as any there part of the wedding. We spent time sharing with our closest family and friends about why we chose them to stand beside and thanked them as well. Whether it is a destination wedding or not, getting all of the people involved together for more than just a day really relieves stress. It is also fun for you as a bride to have one last giant sleepover as a single lady!

Vendor Credits

Photography: Tyler Branch / Venue: The Accidental Winery in Valley Center, California / Bride’s Dress, Belt: BHLDN / Shoes: Seychelles via Anthropologie / Groom’s Suit, Tie, Pocket Square: Lundlow, J.Crew / Tailoring, Shirt: Taylor Stitch San Francisco / Shoes: Frye Loafers / Tie Clip: The Tie Bar / Bridesmaid Dresses: Anthropologie, J.Crew, Target, BHLDN / Stationery: Ben Sanders / Catering: MIHO Gastrotruck / Wedding Arch, Chandeliers: 626-795-8166

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