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Firm Anchor / Snippet & Ink

Jen:  “My dad has always been a pretty quiet a reserved guy, so when Jesse and I were writing our vows we did not give my dad too many lines to say when he was ‘giving me away’ to Jesse. But to the surprise of my mother and I he decided to say something sweet and funny instead – I love this photo because it really captured that moment of laughter between us three, not to mention we definitely look like family.”


Firm Anchor / Snippet & Ink

Jesse:  This is just such a perfectly composed shot. We were off taking post-ceremony photos and I had just helped Jen scramble up on top of this rock. We were having fun, being silly, and generally enjoying the freshly married high. I love looking at this photo and remembering those moments where nothing existed but the two of us.”


Photos by Firm Anchor. See the full wedding feature right HERE.

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