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Lauren Kinsey | Snippet & Ink

From Lauren: “We have so many gorgeous from our wedding and my favorite might be a little unexpected. It is a black and white photo of us taken from behind as we exit the church after our wedding ceremony. Our family and friends lined up along the stairs and were cheering us as we exited the church. I remember pausing at the top of the stairs for a moment and feeling so elated that we were finally married and so lucky to have so many of our loved ones present. The photo captured that very short moment of pause, and if you look closely, Ken’s brother’s hand is on his back and my sister is visible in the corner, cheering for us. It is a symbol of the love and support we have been blessed with.”


Lauren Kinsey | Snippet & Ink

From Ken: “My favorite photo is a photo of the two of us at Kingwood Center before our reception starts. We were in the middle of taking portraits and in this particular photo, we are simply standing next to each other, looking at one another and smiling. I can tell from the looks on our faces that the smiles are authentic, not posed. The photographer must have captured a moment in between posed photos when we were talking with each other. We look so happy.”


Photos by Lauren Kinsey. See Lauren and Ken’s full wedding feature right HERE.


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