Guest Blogger: 100 Layer Cake

[The ladies from 100 Layer Cake don’t need much in the way of an introduction, so I’ll just say this – I love their blog, I love their guest tote posts, and I love that they made one special for Snippet & Ink!]

Hello Snippet and Ink readers! We’re excited to be here for the day while our dear Kathryn relishes in her wedding bliss. We thought we’d share a Austin wedding quest tote in honor of Kathryn’s former city of residence. There are so many things to take away from the area that it was hard to narrow it down to our top 10! But we gave it a shot. Please let us know what your favorite local goodies are too!

1. Howdy Partner Letterpress Card

2. Big Top Candy

3. Austinuts

4.Austin Postcards

5. Keep Austin Weird canvas tote by Outhouse Designs

6. Lone Star Beer

7. Jo’s Coffee at Owl Tree Roasting

8. Stubb’s Bar-B-Que

9. Hey Cupcake! via Renee Alexandra Photography

10. Boot beer coolies photo via Tiny Water Photo

100 Layer Cake


  • craftykate says:

    such great suggestions! i heart, hello cupcake (yum!), stubbs & joes!!!!

    • craftykate says:

      could you tell how excited i was?! i meant “jos” and “hey cupcake”. ha! i miss visiting austin. it’s such a great little city.

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