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[“DJ” isn’t an adequate word to describe what Michael does, so let’s just say he’ll make you dance your pants off and he may very well keep your grandparents on their feet all night, too. And he keeps some pretty cool company at the Flashdance, who all stopped by with a guest post…]

the 0fficial flashdance wedding do’s & don’ts guide
the flashdance is a collective of artists who believe you deserve a rad wedding!

the following advice from everyone on our team will hopefully help make your wedding the best day in the history of ever. whether you have $5000 or $500,000 there are ways to make everything easier and most of them are FREE!! so without further ado, i present the flashdance’s official do’s and don’ts guide to your wedding day.

from whitney at Our Labor Of Love: when choosing your photographer DON’T base your selection on their website. you should see at least 5 full weddings from their portfolio. DO ask them how many weddings they shot last year (the number alone is not an indicator but it will give you some insight) and then (and some photographers will hate us for this one) choose a random saturday from august / september / or october of last year, or 2 years ago and tell them you would like to see a reference from that client, or to be introduced to them over e-mail to ask them about their experience.

if you want getting ready shots DO have the hotel clean your room before the photographer arrives! (or a friend/relative if it’s not in a hotel) it’s hard enough to find a good shot in a clean hotel room, DON’T leave water bottles, a messy bed, or last nights room service laying around! Fellas, DON’T get one shot of you tying your tie and call it a day DO have a local old school barber give you a straight razor shave and get photos of that (think old western!)

from Max Wanger: if you want a bunch of creative portraits, DON’T try to squeeze them in during the 20 minutes after your ceremony. if you want to see each other before you say “i do” DO IT! DO set aside an hour before the ceremony. you’ll get the photos you want and you’ll be more relaxed before the ceremony.

if eloping is more your style, DON’T let your families pressure you into having a 300 person wedding in a ballroom. DO compromise and have an intimate affair in a backyard. or run off to hawaii and invite your closest friends and family to join you. or just elope!

from michael at The Flashdance: DO ask your dj/band for recordings or videos of them performing. if your dj or band doesn’t have a cd with their work on it, or a video of them performing DON’T work with them. bonus points for live recordings at a wedding! anyone can make a perfect mix with computer software these days (or in the studio in the case of a band) a live recording is very telling! (extra tip) most people don’t know this… if you want to have a crazy danceparty at your wedding, you guys need to DANCE the whole time! if you are at the bar or chatting at a table that is what your guests are going to do… decide what kind of party you want and plan accordingly.

if you want the dinner music to be a comfortable volume DO seat your most rowdy friends close to the dj and speakers DON’T seat your older relatives anywhere near the dj or band as they will complain during dinner and give the performer(s) bad vibes which is NOT a good start to the night… (your idea of a comfortable volume and grandma’s idea are worlds apart)

if you’re not a fan of slow dancing with everyone you know watching you, DON’T have five drinks and stumble through it… DO the swaying hug dance together and whisper in each other’s ears for 1 minute (it’s really cute) and have your dj/mc ask all of the guests to join you for the rest. this will also get half of the room on their feet and on the dance floor which is a pretty good starting point for a rowdy party!

from Ashley Meaders: When it comes to décor for your wedding, DON’T try to incorporate every single idea you’ve seen on the blogs. DO stick with elements that keep your wedding consistent in style and design….and always remember that less is more!

DON’T stick with traditions that make you uncomfortable just because you feel you have to. DO think outside the box and do what feels right…if you want to read out of a Dr. Seuss book for your wedding vows, then DO IT!

DON’T give up on finding that perfect location…you’ll know it when you see it. DO keep looking and remember that you probably won’t find it if you type “wedding venues” in Google.

If you haven’t spoken or seen a person in over 10 years and they are on the guest list, DON’T stress out about not inviting them. DO spend your time and money on throwing an incredible party for your close friends and family.

from brian at Shark Pig: DO have footage shot of your wedding ceremony, but DON’T shoot the entire thing uncut. why? because no one, INCLUDING YOU will want to watch it in the future. a wedding, at it’s best, is a ceremony of love, and it can be very powerful. i’ve spoken to so many couples who describe the experience as somewhat out of time and abstract. they say that it seemed like their guests disappeared, that there was only their very soon to be spouse standing across from them. anyway, it’s very profound if you ask me. it’s precious no doubt, but that doesn’t mean that it can be captured in that way with real time video. if this ceremony truly is an experience that transcends normal perception, how can you expect the ones and zeros of a stupid video camera to sufficiently perceive this transformative and magical string of moments? try to think of your wedding day as a music video, NOT a movie!

from all of us at Smilebooth: if you get props for the smilebooth DON’T buy every cheap 70’s costume prop at the party store DO rent 2 amazing props that will look good together from your local vintage shop, or go to some thrift stores and buy a couple of awesome pieces which will make a great keepsake!

DON’T hide the smilebooth in a corner! nobody is going to go out of their way to find something that they probably don’t even know is there. DO put it right in the middle of the reception… it will contain all of that incredible energy in the same room as the danceparty. sometimes the smilebooth will clear the dancefloor but if it is in the same room they will all be dancing in front of the camera and will come back after that round of photos is over.

and one last tip…

it takes a very confident public speaker to pull off the roast, or the embarrassing story in a speech. if you are not an EXCELLENT public speaker DON’T do that. it is way more awkward and embarrassing for you than the person you are roasting. DO tell a SHORT heartfelt story, or recite a short quote. nobody wants you to ramble for 5 + minutes… the BEST SPEECHES at a wedding are under 30 seconds (believe me, i have heard 1000s! seriously.)


  • This is some of the most sage wedding advice I have ever heard… I’m going to have to post a link to this on my blog!

  • Spot on and well said! If everyone followed this advice, there’d be a lot more groovy weddings in this world rather than the same-old-same-old all the time! No offense to folks who want to keep things ultra-traditional and order their favors from one of those wedding magazines with monogrammed chocolate kisses…but it doesn’t say anything about who you are as a couple when you just stick to the status quo! Your wedding is your opportunity to throw a super excellent party YOUR WAY! But at the same time, it’s not a competition for who had the most creative desert table ever. For crying out loud, just do things that are meaningful to the two of you and skip anything that isn’t, and ta-da: awesome wedding.

  • These tips are awesome!

    As a newly engaged person, this is super useful… in fact, I just printed it out so that I won’t forget the great advice.

    Thank you!

  • Annie says:

    Best advice ever. Like wish I had it about a year ago… Also do people ever tell you they want to hire you guys just to be friends?

  • thank you so much! im recently engaged and still searching for the best place to have the wedding. this is great advice :D

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