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Shira Savada has been a friend to Snippet & Ink for nearly as long as we’ve been blogging, and she’s always sharing some of the best inspiration from Martha Stewart Weddings with us…


I’ve been at Martha Stewart Weddings for more than five years now, but I’ve been a fan for much longer. I dressed up like a bride for Halloween as a little girl—it’s in the cards for me to work in the wedding world! Another thing I’ve been a long-time fan of is cake. I baked funfetti from an early age. Finding out what the wedding cake will look like (and taste like) is one of my favorite parts of attending a wedding. It’s a showstopper, it’s edible, and it’s art! And though it’s rooted in tradition, there are so many interesting approached these days that the options are endless.

I’ve rounded up 18 of my favorite wedding cakes from our magazine. It was a challenge, for sure, and I definitely shouldn’t have done it on an empty stomach. Want to see even more? You can view all of our cakes here and see our newly-launched gallery of cakes from real weddings showcasing fondant masterpieces, buttercream creations, and alternative ideas.


1. Two things I will definitely have at my wedding: cake and calligraphy. Why not consider them together? This cake is trimmed with love letters courtesy of paper artist D. Sharp.

2. It’s amazing how much impact a pair of off-set sugar camelias can have. If there are big blooms in your bouquet, consider a similar design, which looks so chic in its tone-on-tone palette.

3. One of our brides designed her own stationery suite, incorporating a floral pattern she hand painted. She gave that pattern to her cake maker, who piped it on with icing. The result? A textural and elegant masterpiece, finished with the perfect bow.

4. This is one of my newest favorites. I mean, I’ve always been a fan of Sylvia Weinstock’s cakes, but the colors and the actual flowers (I grew up with a Bleeding Heart plant in my front yard and my mom loves roses) just feel so “me”. If this were my cake, I’d frame a photo of it and hang it on my wall.

5. Mark Joseph always gets it spot on. I heart this cake of his, which was actually for a bridal shower, but would feel right at home at any wedding reception.

6. What’s the French word for delicious? Apparently it’s croquembouche. I actually got to sample this profiterole and pulled sugar confection by Francois Payard, and it tasted just as good as it looks.

Martha Stewart Weddings Cakes, Snippet & Ink

7. I love a monogram, and I love a pretty, proportional cake, like this one. The combination is so elegant and timeless.

8. Purple’s my favorite color and as a kid I kept potted African violets. The buttercream piping of the violets, sweet peas, and pansies feels a bit like a secret garden. It’s totally my cup of tea.

9. Here’s another beauty from our calligraphy cake story from 2007, piped by Wendy Kromer. This one highlights the flourishes and ornamentations of calligraphy.

10. I have a confession to make… I used to read Martha Stewart Weddings in high school. I also have a major obsession with buttons. So I’ve been swooning over this adorable cake since it debuted in 1997. I’d wear this as a sweater if possible. There was a different version in a story from 2006, that I also love.

11. I love a common thread throughout a wedding. This bride used three patterns from her stationery suite as the basis for the piping on her five-tiered stunner. I also love the cake board: a simple wood base trimmed in ribbon, with knobs from Anthropologie screwed in to tie in the color palette and make it easy to move.

12. This couple had a buffet for their savory food and also for their dessert spread. Three cakes by One Girl Cookies took center stage among smaller sweets. One was white cake, one was chocolate cake, and the middle one was a marbled version of both flavors, a happy combination for the couple and a nice touch of the symbolism of a union. The simple piping on these confections is enhanced by fresh flowers.

Martha Stewart Weddings Cakes, Snippet & Ink

13. This cake took its cue from the bride’s one-shouldered dress which was accented by a structured and cascading bow. Stunning.

14. Macarons are the ever-popular cookie of choice at weddings. So why not incorporate them into the design of the cake? At this Parisian wedding, a band of the airy treats surrounded the middle tier.

15. A few years back we did a story showcasing cakes inspired by different fabrics. This geometric lace was my favorite. Ron Ben Israel made an edible version of the beautiful textile that had me fooled.

16. This piped cake is our most commonly-referenced design. I’ve seen this ivory and peach creation done in nearly every color of the rainbow. I’m so glad that such a cute and timeless idea can be redone over and over again and still feel fresh.

17. The texture and sugar flowers on this cake are really spectacular. It’s wintery without being too wintery. And the mismatched tier sizes keeps it feeling really natural.

18. Here’s a modern take on cake. M. Robin Cake Design dreamt up this striped masterpiece, which is crafted using the European technique of entremet cakes, meaning that the sponge cake is on the outside, with layers upon layers of mousses, creams, custards, and cake on the inside.



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