Guest Post | Dream Honeymoon from Ginny Branch

Ginny Branch is one of the most creative and talented ladies we’ve had the pleasure to know, so we’re thrilled that she’s here today with a guest post on her dream honeymoon…


This was such a fun post for me to plan because my husband and I actually have not taken a honeymoon! My husband and I are planning on finally treating ourselves to a proper vacation alone as a married couple (again, something we have not done in our 4 years of marriage) and we decided it would be fun to explore the west coast on a road trip. I am dying to get lost in misty Portland or overindulge in a boozy Napa wine tasting, and Ed would love nothing more than to explore all that Jackson Hole has to offer. Here is what I would take on our trip…

Ginny Branch Dream Honeymoon

1.  This CP shades linen shirt is the jam. I have it in white and in a chambray. I would buy this style in just about every fabric. White button down shirts are my kryptonite and this one has the perfect modified peter pan collar.

2.  The holy grail of luggage is a gorgeous leather gladstone bag. Who wouldn’t want this on their arm?

3.  I’m a sucker for a fountain pen.

4.  I swear by Revlon’s Love That Red lipstick. Perfect lazy girl arsenal.

5.  I have a few of these Polaroid sx-70s and I think I might have to tuck one into my bag. I just love how dreamy the film is and I think it would be more than appropriate for a dusty, West Coast crawl.

6.  Got to pack some shades for that bright california sun!

7.  I want to be a minimalist packer so I can save room for plenty of souvenirs! I think I’ll be set with one or two of these baggy boyfriend shorts from Garnet Hill.

8.  Can’t beat a classic panama hat.

9.  I just love the dusty blush color of these espadrilles, and the suede kicks up the fancy a notch.

10.  Is it too much to ask for a Jeep Grand Wagoneer to tool around in? Could there be a better road trip car???

11.  A leather notebook to record all of our memorable stops and sights.

12. SPF drops.  I love them because I can just mix with my existing moisturizer instead of buying a product with added sunscreen.


Check back in a couple weeks when Ginny shares her ideas for an Atlanta mini-moon. And until then, find her over on her blog!


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