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If this guest post from {this is glamorous} doesn’t make you want to fly away to Paris, then we don’t know what will!

No matter how many times one visits Paris, it will forever be one of those enchanting places that one can never get enough of, and out of all the places in the world there may be to travel, perhaps few places can compare to the magic and romance of the City of Light.  Whether walking along the Seine in the golden rays of falling summer sunshine, a picnic of champagne and cake among the flowers and perfectly manicured hedges of the Jardin du Luxembourg, a day spent immerse in the beauty of art at the Musée d’Orsay or the Musée Rodin, or coffee and croissants on mid-summer morning, Paris is the most impossibly perfect place to begin all your tomorrows together . . .

“But Paris was a very old city and we were young and nothing was simple there, not even poverty, nor sudden money, nor the moonlight, nor right and wrong nor the breathing of someone who lay beside you in the moonlight.”

― Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

1 – travel cases by cambardi // 2 – lip balm : rodinchristian dior // 3 – pearl twisted hammock necklace // 4 – charlotte olympia flora leather and mesh pumps // 5 – la perla maison lace-trimmed camisole & lace-trimmed briefs // 6 – agent provocateur darla lace bra // 7 – deborah marquit giardino di fiori italian lace briefs // 8 – annick goutal petite cherie eau de toilette // 9 – nars oran // 10 – nach seashell earrings


[images : one // two // three // four]


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