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Jordan from Oh Happy Day may be back in San Francisco, but after living in Paris for a year and a half, she is the perfect person to ask for honeymoon tips in (arguably) the world’s most romantic city…


Here is how to have the perfect Paris Honeymoon. I lived in Paris for a year and a half and even spent my honeymoon there, and here are my some of my favorite places and things to eat.

oh happy day, paris travel guide

Where to Stay:

Stay in an apartment in the Marais near a Metro stop! Paris hotels are teeny tiny, even the fancy ones. A gorgeous stylish apartment with a view will cost the same as a small boring hotel room.

Oh Happy Day! / Paris Travel Guide

Planning Your Schedule:

Use the Rick Steves Paris Guide. Ignore the the fact you are taking travel advice from a kind-of-dorky-guy older than your dad. Risk Steves is the best, he nails it every time.

On Your First Day:

Have a picnic on the tip the island at Pont Neuf and take one of the boat tours that leaves from Pont Neuf at dusk. It is touristy but in a good way. It’s a good way to get the lay of the land and there is nothing more romantic than seeing the way the lights dance in the water of the Seine.

Oh Happy Day! / Paris Travel Guide

How to Pack a Picnic:

Every neighborhood has a market street. Avoid the grocery stores. Go to the Bakery for a “baguette traditional” then go to the cheese store for some cheese Ordering can be overwhelming try starting with a nice slab of “Comte.” Go to the produce stand for some fruit and veggies and then go to the butcher for some charcuterie or “saucisson sec” ask them to slice it up. Grab a nice bottle of wine and you’re set.


The Best Breakfast:

Pain et Chocolat just off Rue Cler. Order the “desjejum complet” for a flawless French breakfast.

oh happy day / paris travel guide

All Lovers Must:

Take a walk through the Marais at night and end up at the Seine. Wandering the streets on a beautiful night is the best experience in Paris.

oh happy day / paris travel guide

The Best Place to Buy Doodads or Gifts:

BHV (or Bazaar de l’Hotel de Ville) is the best department store. They have my favorite selection of crepe paper and their lighting section is insane.

Best Mode of Transportation:

Metro is the best way to get around. But don’t leave Paris without going on a bike ride with Paris’ City Bike System Velib.

Oh Happy Day! / Paris Travel Guide

Best Place to Buy a Souvenir:

Artazart has the best selection of art and photography books ever. Bring one home for your coffee table and when guests compliment it you can say…oh that ol’ thing…we picked it up in Paris.

Best Design-y Store in Paris:

Merci. This concept store in the Marais has constantly changing installations and has clothes, home decor and knick knacks at every pricepoint. Don’t forget to go touch all the linens. Also their restaurant is one of my favorite places to grab lunch. The salads are amazing.

Cheap and Easy Meal:

L’As Du Fallafel Falafel on Rue des Rossiers. It’s Lenny Kravitz’s favorite falafel (says it on their sign.) Plus my favorite crepe stand is on this street too. Dessert!

3 Restaurants where you Need Dinner Reservations:

Derriere: A hip restaurant with amazing food.

Le Refuge des Fondues: A casual but really fun tourist stop in Montmartre. It’s fondue with wine served in baby bottles.

Septime: An excellent modern French restaurant.

Oh Happy Day! / Paris Travel Guide

3 Restaurants where you Don’t Need Dinner Reservations:

Le Relais de Venise, A Parisian institution:  They only serve steak frites and an amazing secret green sauce. The line looks long but goes so quick.

Les Cocottes: A modern little French restaurant by chef Christian Constant

La Briciola:  A fun and easy pizza restaurant in the Marais.

oh happy day, paris travel guide


Ooh la la! Read more about Jordan’s Paris adventures, plus tons of creative and crafty projects and parties, over on Oh Happy Day!


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