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Nole from Oh So Beautiful Paper is back to share her ideas for a mini-moon in Washington, D.C.!


My husband and I (and our 8 month-old daughter, Sophie) live in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, D.C. We love our neighborhood, particularly during springtime, but every now and then we like to get out of the city for a few days. Luckily we don’t have to travel far to find ourselves in some of the most beautiful parts of the country! These are a few of the ideas that came to mind when Kathryn asked me to dream up my ideal mini-moon getaway.

The Inn at Little Washington

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Photos: Gordon Beall via The Inn at Little Washington

I first started hearing whispers of the Inn at Little Washington after moving to D.C. over ten years ago, and it’s now at the top of my D.C. bucket list. Located in the town of Washington in Rappahanock County, Virginia, about an hour and a half outside of D.C., this charming inn is the picturesque ideal escape from the city. The inn also boasts an amazing 5-star restaurant that has been selected as one of the Top 10 restaurants in the world. The best part? No cell phone reception – so a weekend away is truly a weekend away.

Mount Vernon

Mount VernonMount VernonMount Vernon

Photos: Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper

George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate is one of my favorite mini-escapes from D.C. – we even have an annual pass so we can visit whenever the mood strikes! Spring is my favorite time of year to visit: the estate is covered in huge lilacs that make my heart sing when they bloom. There are also groves of fruit trees, winding paths around manicured gardens and down to the banks of the Potomac River, and the most hilarious little lambs in early spring. We love to sit on the lawn behind the main mansion and look out over the Potomac River. It’s so peaceful.

Dumbarton Oaks


Photos: Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper

Most people head straight to the monuments and museums located around the National Mall, but the gardens of Dumbarton Oaks in Georgetown is one of my favorite D.C. attractions. Designed over a 30-year span by Beatrix Farrand, the formal gardens feature roses, wisteria, lilacs, tulips, peonies, cherry blossom trees, and so much more. It’s a wonderful place to spend an afternoon!



Photo: Allison Levenson

You can find a full list of some of our recommended D.C. bars and restaurants in my mini guide to D.C., but for a special occasion there’s really only one restaurant I’d want to visit: Volt. We first visited a couple of years ago to celebrate my husband’s return home from a 6-month deployment in Iraq and it was one of the best culinary experiences I’ve ever had. We’ve been dying to go back ever since!


A big thanks to Nole for not one, but three guest posts! Be sure to check out Oh So Beautiful Paper for tons more inspiration, mostly in the form of, you guessed it, beautiful paper!


  • thanks for the inspiration- the post came at the perfect time:) the hubs and i will be visiting from minneapolis in a couple weeks, and we definitely try to make a reservation at volt. thanks!

  • OMG This place! Wouldn’t it be a beautiful wedding venue? I can picture the garden for the ceremony! :D Also, an illustration of the front facing of the house or a part of the garden where the ceremony can be held as a watercolour design.. just putting ideas out there :D Thanks for sharing these pictures and the info!

  • Mommi Poppins says:

    Francois Sagat and Beyoncé will be hosting a performance to help the victims at the Navy yard. Sharon Brown and the prostitute from Target in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina will be selling tickets. Bob for Target in uptown Charlotte will be making snow cones to raise money. All the military through your hands up and support Francois Sagat. Oscar who pretends to be gay from Washinton D.C. will be parking cars.

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