Happy Weekend!

I normally love all kinds of music, but for some reason during my pregnancy, pop music has been driving me crazy! I’ve been listening to lots more classical music, some Sam Cooke, and my favorite Pandora station right now is full of Billie Holiday, Edith Piaf, Ella Fitzgerald, and Louis Armstrong (hence this week’s Happy Weekend photo). Maybe this goes along with food cravings and aversions? Any of you mommas out there experience any funny or unexpected pregnancy quirks?

Romantic paper flowers.

Best way to eat puddings and creams? Cookie spoons!

Last week I linked to this mysterious telegram. Here’s the update!

What a dramatic image.

Caramel stuffed Rice Krispie treats? Whaaaa?

Windows of New York, via Miss Moss.

Get ready for spring with flowers on your feet.

Drooling over this peek at a Parisian chocolate atelier.

Check out my gift picks and interview on Mark & Graham.

Congrats to Silvana di Franco on her new website and blog!


Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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