Happy Weekend!

I hope I’m not over sharing here, but lately I have been feeling incredibly overwhelmed at the idea of not only getting ready for baby, but also trying to get Snippet & Ink ready for me to take some sort of maternity leave. What if I can’t get everything done? What if everything falls apart! Sometimes I pile on even more stress by thinking that I shouldn’t stress out so much and should make more time for relaxing and enjoying these last couple months of life pre-baby. It feels like there’s this deadline for Getting Everything Done, and after that comes a whole new life that we can’t possibly plan for. As parents!

Anyway, I suppose I’m sharing this because in the five and a half years since I started Snippet & Ink, I’ve always found that it’s better to be honest and open with my readers instead of just rolling along like everything is perfect. And my guess is I’m not the first person who’s ever felt this way, so I’m trying to just breathe, take things one at a time, remember that what needs to get done will get done, and to be thankful for all the support that Ryan and I have from our loved ones. And thank you, dear readers, for allowing me the space for a post like this – if you have any tips or advice, I’m all ears.

And now, some links for your weekend!

Vintage kitchen inspiration via Apartment Therapy.

Twins separated at birth – what an amazing project!

Toasted lemon meringue pie.

This straw hat has me dreaming of a beach vacation.

Something about this Easter shoot makes me think of Alice in Wonderland.

Five fabulous French souvenirs.

Bunny ear favor bags.

What Twitter teaches us about writing.

Loving these beautiful slippers! I’ll take one in every color…


Have a Happy Easter weekend everyone!


  • beautiful links! that shoot is definitely a nod alice in wonderland! i’m dying over that vintage kitchen. and, you my dear, have nothing to worry about. i am the same way – i worry about worrying! you’re so wonderful though, you’re going to be awesome mother. sending good thoughts and hugs your way. xo

    • Kathryn says:

      Thanks for the reassurance Robyn! Now if you could just put one of those pies in the mail to me… ;)

  • Just remember the only things you really need for the baby are five bazillion wipes, a huge stack of diapers, a dozen onesies, a pint of patience and lots of kisses. You’ll be great!

    p.s. I want that hat!

  • What Kate said is exactly true – after having a 2nd, you realize you really don’t need much to make a baby happy – oh and a warm cozy blanket will make them smile too :) Just remember to always put your family first and being honest with your readers always helps. If I can’t get a post up as planned, I’ll tell my readers – the great thing about this industry is that they are very understanding {that’s what I have found} – makes things so much easier. Be sure to put your email auto-responder on during the maternity leave and enjoy the time with your baby. Everything has a way of falling into place the way it is meant to be :)

  • You have built an incredible wedding blog, and tweeting, posting and face booking less for a while will not hurt it at all. You have loyal readers and sponsors waiting for you. Taking time off is, I believe, necessary in order to stay aesthetically sharp and being able to curate as beautifully as you do. Good luck from Copenhagen!

  • Kathryn says:

    Thanks for the support ladies! I know we’ll figure it out as we go along, and I’m thankful for the flexibility I have working for myself from home. :)

  • Kristen says:

    Hi Kathryn,
    Your post gave me deja vu from one year ago. I was pregnant with my baby Scarlett (born July 5) and was working fulltime for a long term freelance gig at an ad agency that was flying me back and forth to London, I had two very large side design projects, and was in charge of redesigning the magazine Wayfare. I was so stressed about having to take time off after the baby and was frantic to set up some kind of infrastructure for when I returned. I had originally pictured those last few months as being full of meditation and prenatal yoga classes between shopping trips to set up her nursery, ha! When the baby came, all that stress fell away. A lot of what I had tried to set up fell apart, but it didn’t matter. Someone once told me that God or the Universe or whatever watches out for new mamas and that things just fall into place, and it turned out to be true. I’m glad those things fell through because, except for a couple small projects from home, I was able to be with Scarlett every day for the first 7 months of her life. Everything will turn out beautifully, and all the crazy stress you’re feeling now, if you’re like me, will be a distant memory as soon as your baby’s in your arms.

    • Kathryn says:

      Thank you so much for this Kristen – it’s exactly what I needed to hear. A great reminder to have faith that everything will work out just as it should. :)

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