Happy Weekend!

Since I’m writing this post Thursday evening, I don’t have anything yet to say about the royal wedding, but… did you watch it? Did you wake up early to watch it live, or record it for later? Did you have tea and crumpets and wear a fabulous hat? And what about this weekend, what are your plans?

by Elizabeth Messina


Some fun links for your Friday!

Mmmmm….Tartine… via simplesong.

Love the cover of The Beekeeper’s Bible.

Ray Charles’s letterhead.

Vintage Dior gorgeousness.

A Brooklyn wedding with sassy green bridesmaid dresses.

The tulip fields in Holland are one of the dreamiest things I’ve ever seen!

Royal bachelorette shenanigans a la Mrs. Lilien.

Vote for letterpress.

The How To Project makes me happy, via Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Congrats on the new website, Edyta!


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  • Christine says:

    Kate was gorgeous, and her dress was just perfect. But, man… Pippa’s dress? Gimme! LOVE it!

  • Maya says:

    The wedding WAS beautiful, all was perfect ;-) I agree – Pippa’s dress was to-die-for!

  • I second Christine’s and Maya’s sentiments. Honestly, I thought that Pippa OWNED that gown. It was just so sleek and stylish and still modest. I loved it.

    Catherine was gorgeous. Seeing her with her Father was so sweet – the man was completely adorable! The wedding dress was so beautiful (McQueen, yes!) but it’s little tiresome that people are comparing it to Grace Kelly presumably because the dress had lace sleeves (by the way, sleeves for the win!). She was her own person on one of the most important days of her life, let her enjoy it!

    Oh and Princess Beatrice has boldness that I can only dream of owning. I must give her props for it.

  • I love how they incorporated a charity component into their big day. Any brides that want to follow Kate and Williams lead, the American Cancer Society’s Wedding Scrolls are a great, selfless way to give back!

  • Darcy Wright says:

    I watched footage after, but on Sunday, my future mother in-law told me she got up at 1:30AM to watch the wedding on TV!

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