Happy Weekend!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding was on last night – how did I forget about that movie?! I’m amending my list from last week and adding it. Definitely a top ten wedding movie. Which ones would be on your list? Hope everyone has fun weekend plans – taking mom out to brunch? Mom, if I was there to take you to brunch, I promise I would! Happy weekend and Happy Mother’s Day, lovelies, and I hope you enjoy these fun links from around the web!

Wonder Woman via Worth 1000.

Send some topography.

The zipper is my favorite part of this dress.

It’s not a party without a piƱata!

Love and Cartagena.

Wishing my hair long.

Buy local, via Lovely Little Things.

Retro road map, via daisy pink cupcake.

Picnic club? Sign me up!

San Francisco neighborhoods, via paper tastebuds.

How cool are these paper curtains?

MaeMae Paperie makes the best invites.

On name changing.

I’d live in this apartment with or without furniture.

Fab fiesta.

Had to buy their album after posting this wedding.

A blog devoted to cupcakes? I say yes, via simplesong.



  • The Hasslers says:

    Wow, that's a lively debate about name changing. I've seen a few links that you have added that talk about name changing, so I'm wondering what you are thinking about doing?

    Those binder clips to hold up cords=awesome!

    Have a good weekend!

  • Shana says:

    I A Practical Wedding! I read her original post about name change last week – it's good to see she posted a follow-up. What are your thoughts on the subject?

    Oh, best wedding movies…

    Father of the Bride – the best!
    Runaway Bride
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding – totally agree with you!

  • Sam and Livi says:

    i recently revisited mbfgw as well and its so clever and funny! that image is GREAT

  • Mod Betty / Retro Roadmap says:

    Thanks so much for the link to RetroRoadmap.com! If I weren't happily married (8 years next week to my sweetie!) I'd be drooling over a lot of these things. Great site!

  • courtney says:

    love that wonder woman painting. I was pretty much obsessed with her as a little girl. Once again great links.

  • Bekah says:

    Its hard to top Father of the Bride when it comes to wedding movies.

    THe wedding scene in The Sound of Music is pretty epic too.

    Love the links as usual! MARVELOUS job!! :)

  • pink cupcake vintage says:

    I'm in love with retro road map…planning my summer travels! Coincidentally I posted about it this week too! Great minds this alike! :)

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