Happy Weekend!

Oh my – it feels so good to be blogging again! I’ve also been catching up on some of my favorite blogs, so I’ve got lots of good links for you this week. But before we get to those, how are you spending your weekend? My mom is back after three months away, and my best friend has also just returned from a long trip, so I’ll be spending time with them – always fun to hang out with two of my favorite ladies. Also on the list for this weekend: finding my honey a suit for the wedding. We went to Brooks Brothers a few weeks ago, and didn’t really find what we were looking for – anyone have suggestions of where we might look in San Francisco?

And now those links I promised you!

Gracie Finn, I love your name and I love your calligraphy.

I kind of want this trompe l’oeil photo backdrop as wallpaper.

Darling blue business cards.

I can’t decide which I love more – the dresses or the red lipstick.

These fab IKEA cookbook pics have been all over the blogosphere, but I’m posting them just in case you missed them.

Love the new closet + casa series over on Oh Joy.

Rue the day (congrats on the launch, ladies!).

Congrats, also, to Summer on the new Grey Likes Weddings.

Do kittens get any cuter?

Perfect October nail polish.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

If I were a Greek goddess or a movie star… via Mrs. Lilien

Irresistible color.

And finally, a little sneak peek of our engagement pics – can’t wait to share more with you on Monday. Until then, have a happy, happy weekend!


  • So nice meeting you, finally, the other night…. Pretty sure you were more nervous to meet and have Elizabeth Messina photograph you, then nervous from the act of actually just being photographed. :) Can’t wait to see the photos I know they will be beautiful.

  • Have a wonderful weekend! I can’t wait to see your engagement pictures on monday. I bet they are beautiful!!


  • megan says:

    thanks for featuring gracie finn. i live in boston and toured susy pilgrims-waters home and studio last week. her art and energy are so inspiring, and she’s just an all around cool lady!

  • Leslie says:

    For men’s suits, I’d check out Hugo Boss at Westfield Mall or Sak’s mens store at 220 Post St.
    Good luck!

  • Love the image. We always find my husbands suits at department stores like Macys and Dillards but sometimes a good suit can be hard to find.

  • Ivette says:

    For men’s suits, you can never go wrong with Ralph Lauren (90 Post St). My fiance has purchased several suits (for work) from that shop. Make sure you ask for Bruce – he’s great.

  • Jos. A Bank? My husband and his groomsmen wore seersucker suits from Jos. A Bank for our wedding :)

  • Hey girl! just saw this post…. go to Al’s Attire in North Beach. Just across from I Dream of Cake. Custom made suits… it’s so worth it… we spend so much time on getting the right dress… it’s a great way for your man to get pampered as well. They are amazing.

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