Happy Weekend!

It’s almost Halloween! Time for costumes and candy! Remember trading treats with your siblings? Getting my sister to take two Tootsie-Rolls and an Almond Joy in exchange for a Butterfinger was always a tough sell. But bad candy was always better than raisins – what is that about? Anyway, I’m trying to think of a clever last-minute getup – probably a fancied up mask or headband – and I’d love to hear your suggestions and costume ideas.

And now, as promised, a longer-than-usual link list since there was no weekend post last Friday. Have a Happy Halloween weekend everyone!

Black Halloween by Sweet Paul.

Who doesn’t want a pet porcupine?

I wish I had a reason to wear every single thing in Alexander McQueen’s Resort collection.

And Marchesa makes me want to dress like a princess.


What’s better than confetti? Giant confetti!

And cashmere is better with metallic leather elbow patches, of course.

Apple pie cookies. Mmmmm.

The bride wore plaid.

It’s always good to have a sense of humor, for things like when the sprinklers turn on in the middle of your outdoor wedding.

Winning invitations, via Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Pretty prints by Rebekka Seale.

Chocolate cake is pretty, too.

If anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas, a foldover clutch is one idea…

This sweet wedding makes me smile.

Fun paper station wagon and letterpress boombox – Christmas ornaments maybe?

Have you checked out Lover.ly yet? Daily Candy and Glamour think you should!

Happy Anniversary Laurie (check out that lily-of-the-valley bouquet)!

Congratulations to Corbin Gurkin and Mae Mae Paperie on their new websites!


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