Happy Weekend!

Did you have a fun Halloween? We dressed Caroline up as a little duck (if you click through you’ll see me in my ninja outfit/blogger uniform) and showed her off to the neighbors – she was a really good sport about it! This weekend we’re going to a Diwali party, and I’m also hoping to do a little baking. What are you up to?

Casue Sweets

Day of the Dead cookies by Casue Sweets.

Words to use more often.

Flavors for the season: pumpkin pie bars and cranberry curd tartlets.

The New York subway signs experiment, via A Cup of Jo.

Gift wrapping money.

DIY gold and acrylic clipboards.

Ghostfood is fascinating (but the thought of no sushi or chocolate is seriously frightening).

I have big dreams about making some changes to our living room, and Les Indiennes has me drooling over their prints.

Which state matches your personality? (I’m Tennessee.)

Calder Clark and Ariella Chezar both have beautiful new websites!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


Calder Clark and Ariella Chezar are Snippet & Ink Select vendors.


  • OK, you win Halloween. Cutest duck ever!

    This weekend we are hosting our fourth annual end of Daylight Savings Party for all of our parent friends and their kids so everyone has a way to get through that extra hour of cranky kiddos. :-)

    • Kathryn says:

      Thank you Kate! And I love your idea for an end of Daylight Savings party – so fun!

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