Happy Weekend!

Tomorrow we’re flying to Wisconsin to spend Thanksgiving week with Ryan’s family – fingers crossed the plane ride with Caroline goes as smoothly as possible! Any tips for flying with a 6 month old? I’m also hoping to contribute a pie to Thanksgiving dinner, something seasonal but not obvious, but the truth is that I’m not much of a pie baker. I’m thinking maybe a chocolate pecan pie or this butterscotch pie, but I’m open to suggestions, so please share!

La Casa del Arbol

A swing at the end of the world.

The night sky.

Paris Advent calendar.

And Vosges takes the chocolate Advent calendar to a whole new level.

Illustrated guide to pears.

Serious dose of cuteness.

wishbone for everyone around your Thanksgiving table.

Lovely spool of calligraphy, via Oh So Beautiful Paper.

How to make lame art cool.

Who wouldn’t want a Hobbit Hole playhouse?

Have a happy weekend friends!


  • Lisa says:

    I once read that a couple traveling with their infant put little bags together for the other passengers. It included a note that let everyone know it was their first time traveling with a baby and thanking them for their patience. I can’t remember what the bags had – maybe candy and those disposable ear plugs. It sounded like a lot of work but definitely a nice sentiment! Good luck and safe travels.

    • Kathryn says:

      Oh wow – that is really nice! Not sure I’ll have time to do that for this trip, but definitely something to keep in mind. :)

  • Christine says:

    We flew with our daughter at 4 and 7 months to LA from Oakland, and at 9 months from Oakland to NYC. The LA flights were a breeze since they were so short. Going to NYC was ok, but definitely trickier. Going, it was a redeye, so she slept the whole time (I did not.) Coming back, she slept on and off, but thankfully the man next to us moved to another spot so we had an extra seat for her. We had snacks, books, and toys for her, but she just loved standing in the chair and peeking at the people sitting behind us.

    Try to sit towards the back of the plane, since it’ll be more likely that there will be less people back there (if its not a full flight, and if you didn’t buy her a seat). Bring her favorite books and toys for when she is awake! If you use a baby carrier (ergo, bjorn) use that in the airport and while boarding, and maybe she’ll fall asleep in there and stay asleep for a bit on the plane! Good luck!

    • Kathryn says:

      Thanks Christine! Great idea about the Ergo – that might be the perfect way to get her to fall asleep before we board. And hopefully the plane will be new and interesting enough that she’ll be entertained for awhile.

  • Offer to buy drinks for the passengers around you if she cries. :-)

    I would retreat to the bathroom if possible when Luke would cry on the plane. At least that way I felt like I was away from the glares for a bit. And I always had a few new small toys on hand as something new and different.

    Oh! And take three times the number of diapers and changes of clothes you think you need. For some reason I was always changing him so many more times than I thought I would have to.

    Good luck! Remember, the flight cannot last forever and you’ll probably never see anyone on the flight again.

  • ERIKA says:

    Wow that’s a crazy swing and tree house. Have a fun Thanksgiving, enjoy your sweet little princess. :)

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