Happy Weekend!

It is definitely starting to feel like the holidays around here. I’ve started a bit of my holiday shopping, drinking chocolate is making regular appearances in our apartment, and there’s even talk of snow! In Texas! What are you doing to get in the holiday spirit? How about some of these great links from around the web this week (like roasting chestnuts!)…

Beautiful brides in pink ombre and black sashes.

Mmmmm. Lavender.

Striped icebergs. Absolutely unreal.

Q is for Quail, and for sassy bridesmaid dresses.

How to roast chestnuts.

I’ve never been so excited about food coloring in my life.

My newest dream wedding, via Once Wed.

Oh, snap!

A magical little nook.

Isn’t this what we’ve been talking about all week?

Great inspiration-to-reality series on SMP.

Best Christmas card ever.

One of my inspiration boards became this reader’s wedding. How fun!

These would be a nice surprise in my stocking this year.

I always enjoy Hollister’s gift guides.

And a big congratulations to Elizabeth Anne Designs on the beautiful new site!

Have a happy happy weekend!


  • BLOGGER says:

    I have long had it in my head that I want a black sash on my wedding gown, and I was so ecstatic to see the new Fall line from Vera Wang, and other designers. Finally! Gorgeousness!!

  • Michele says:

    Oh yeah we are supposed to get snow here in Austin today! I hate to say I doubt it will happen but it just isn't cold enough yet. Maybe tonight!

  • ami @ elizabeth anne designs says:

    thank you so much Kathryn for including the redesign! xoxo!

  • Carolyn says:

    Ha! That's funny — I'm using that inspiration board too next year…I love it! Thanks :) And thanks to the extra inspiration too!!

  • Teresa says:

    Hey Kathryn
    I love the first image.. that looks like Brandon Lower… hmm, did you see their cute christmas tree on facebook? cute.
    I am listening to christmas music, but my favorite sign that it is getting close to Christmas is the Gingerbread Latte's from Starbucks. YUM
    here's wishing you some snow over there in TEXAS.

  • Michele says:

    Did you see the snow?! It only happened for about an hour but it happened! Put that one in the history books.

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