Happy Weekend!

The holiday season is in full swing around our house – three of my favorite ladies came over yesterday for cookies and eggnog, our decorations and tree are up, we have candles in the windows. And I have definitely been listening to Christmas music non-stop since Thanksgiving. Well, except for a brief Flo Rida interlude. Anyway, it is my favorite time of year! What do you like most about the holidays?

Tiffany & Co. Holiday 2011


This is your life: Holstee Manifesto poster.

If you missed it last week, Snippet & Ink went baby for a day over at La Petite Peach.

I’m intrigued by this little Cricut gadget – anyone tried it and liked it?

What to wear to a winter wedding, a la Oh Happy Day.

Loving everything about these Nariko slipper flats.

My down comforter is one of my most favorite things, but I think this Lands’ End down robe could compete for my affections

Someone please buy this pretty as an engagement ring!

Ski bunny accoutrements.

If I had an extra couple thousand dollars lying around, I’d use it to buy one of these vintage Chanel bracelets.

Felted wool critters make me smile.


Have a happy weekend, lovelies!


    • KATHRYN says:

      Good to know! Their ads are so intriguing, and make me want to cover my house in die cuts!

  • MeitsMo says:

    I’ve been such a busy bee with my wedding coming up in February, moving, new job and all the fun life things in between I haven’t been able to catch up on Snippet and Ink for awhile. I had SUCH fun going over all the amazing posts I missed last night!! You are such an incredible lady- I’m always SO inspired by the amazing things you do, and just wanted to jot a quick note of thanks for your continued inspirations :)! Happy weekend!

  • Laurel says:

    The cricut is a really nifty machine. We used one at the school where I worked to cut out letters and other adornments for our theme boards. They make the job quick and clean, and they come in all sorts of cute fonts and designs. I would highly recommend for someone who is big into scrapbooking.

    Enjoy the weekend! :)

  • It’s also my favorite time of the year! I always felt it was/is the most romantic time too. The feeling of peace and love wonderfully overwhelm your heart daily with more smiles than usual, mood music about love and family (the occasional Flo Rida) and the spirit of hope and new beginnings is everywhere. It speaks true to relationships and the reason for the season. And it makes sometimes cynnical people like myself, giddy beyond imagination. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!


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