Happy Weekend!

Happy weekend, lovelies! I’m not gonna lie: I’m still going through Paris withdrawals nearly a week later. My preferred mode of procrastination this week has been browsing HomeAway for Parisian apartments, and creating a Paris Pinterest board of favorite things from my trip. Fortunately, other people love Paris as much as I do, so a few of this week’s links are a little francophiliac…

Paris in a box.

Paris in pictures.

Pop-up city books.

Take me away: Paris.

Gray and celadon makes reminds me a little of Petit Trianon.

The Quite Continental Charm School, via Miss Moss.

Pretty ice cream and sherbet colors.

Another project from the ever-clever Jordan: birthday yarn.

Gilded cakes.

Love these whimsical bonsai tree houses.

This invisible Mercedes ad is awesome!

Silent film inspired cards.

Pantone pastries.

Darling book plates, via Letterology.

DIY wedding makeup tips.

Cute little ivy bike lock.

Budget-friendly spring centerpieces.

What’s your ultimate mac-n-cheese?

Perfect English country house.

Do Good in March with Bella Figura.

Congratulations Camille!


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  • Cynthia Guzman says:

    Paris, , wraps her heart in nostalgia as she relives the moments of breathtaking beauty and memories made, memories left to be made, and memories inhaled from every person who has ever been there– past or present.

    It’s a dream, and like you, I hope to indulge in my francophilia.
    … once more.

    Happy Weekend to you too!

  • Ah Paris. I honeymooned for a few weeks there in July of ’07. I missed that city nearly everyday since I left. There is absolutely nothing like it. Hmmmm… maybe I’ll need to watch the original Sabrina this weekend… that is always a nice ‘spoonful of honey’ to the ‘dreadfully missing Paris’ cold. Although I must ad that finally this year getting to go not only back to Paris, but spend a month in NYC will hopefully wet my appetite for love other wonderful cities. Well, more love :)

    Was happy to connect with your sympathies on this Friday morning; perhaps if we did indeed leave a little of our hearts in Paris, those bits can meet up and go to le tuileries for an afternoon stroll…

    xo- cjp

  • I was ridiculously jet-lagged and fatigued and still j’adored it! That city has my heart big time! Happy weekend to you, Miss Kathryn!

  • omg! i am going through extreme francophilia and i haven’t been to Paris in 9 years! i recently read Ines de la Fressange (parisian style and fashion), Marielle Guilliano (french women don’g get fat), Pamela Druckerman (bringing up bebe) and Julia Child’s memoirs of Paris…all by accident. i am now completely obsessed…so glad i came across this post! i will check it all out. Thank you!!

  • I feel you! I ate chocolate croissants for a week so I could close my eyes and pretend I was back in our little Parisian cafe for breakfast. Then I realized that had to stop due to the side effects of everyday croissants :(

    Hope you had a fab trip! xx

  • My husband loved Paris so much after our honeymoon in 2009 that he wants us to retire there. True story. (My man is 28-going-on-50.) Matter in fact, the apartment we stayed in was found via Homeaway. *sigh*

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