Happy weekend!

So… I thought I’d see how things went if I deleted the Facebook app from my phone. You guys, I lasted less than 24 hours. That is pitiful. PITIFUL. Please, tell me it’s not just me. And if you’ve figured out how to break the Facebook habit, tell me your secret!

Bon x Desert Vintage

Love this whimsical desert look book!

Brussels sprouts and Meyer lemon pizza sounds delish.

Rethinking plastic forks.

Arm knit blanket tutorial.

This is my perfect little black dress. Except for the price tag.

Minimalist pop-up book.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, SAY IT ALL IN CAPS.

Curious about these pinch earrings.

Would love to have one of these license plates on my car, via Design Crush.

Fleur de sel caramel brownies – what a yummy Valentine!

Light-up wedding cake.

In case you missed it, this week on Snippet & Ink:

Destination wedding on Cumberland Island.

Brooklyn restaurant wedding with fall flowers.

Garden Pavilion wedding in Sonoma.

Ohio wedding with 1920s bridal style.

DIY friendship Valentine posy.

More words to love by.


  • If you wanted me to just text you hourly updates about what I’m up to, I can do that. Then you can delete your FB for good.

  • Oh Facebook, I wish I knew how to quit you. I also took the app off my phone all to no avail.

    I love that arm knitting! I learned how to finger knit in December, maybe it’s time to step up to my arm…

  • I took 2 weeks off of social media over the summer, the week leading up to our family vacation and then the vacation itself. It helped keep my mind off of social media because I was so busy getting ready for our first vacation with a baby and then being in the moment and enjoying the vacation. When I got home I realized that I LOVE Instagram for how quick and pretty it is to scroll through, and my patience for all the garbage people were posting on Facebook decreased significantly – now I just give it a quick scroll through my feed – usually only making it 2-3 minutes before I’m bored with the lack of actual content about my friend’s lives – which has been replaced by articles and such. Long story short, give yourself a two week FB detox and see how you feel afterwards.

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