Happy Weekend!

Guys, I think we’re getting really close to launching our new look – I can’t tell you how antsy I am to finally share it with you! (If you missed it last week, you can catch a peek at our new logo on our Facebook page.) This weekend I’ll be working on getting some fun things ready for when we do reveal our new design – gosh I hope you guys like it! But first, some fun links for your Friday!

Confetti-filled balloons via Kojo Designs.

High five!

How about Pippa’s bridesmaid dress for your wedding?

100 best typefaces of all time.

These little felt dogs look so real! via Michaele’s Pinterest.

Dinosaur delivery.

What a fun and clever way to promote a movie!

Jamie and Kevin’s wedding is too beautiful for words.

I heart apothecary-inspired design.

Adding a visit to this wisteria tunnel to my bucket list.

What a beautiful thing to do with sea glass.

Feel like a princess in this budget-friendly tulle ball skirt.


Have a happy weekend everyone!

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