Happy Weekend!

I’ve been thinking about Monday’s post, which I think conveyed my feeling about the parts of wedding planning that are crazymaking and emotionally exhausting. But honestly, a lot of it has been wonderful and even fun. So in addition to some fun weekend links, I thought I’d share some of the things that are helping me to stay sane and/or smiling, in no particular order:

– Ignoring anyone who tells me being a bride is all about the little details.
– Making decisions for ourselves and our families and not for some perceived audience.
Jim and Pam’s wedding (this clip is missing the part where Jim cuts his tie, but I love that).
Miss Manners’ Guide to a Surprisingly Dignified Wedding.
– Letting our wedding venue and season be a style guide.
A Practical Wedding.
– Remembering what weddings are not.
– La-la-la-love songs.

If I was cool I’d wear a scarf like this.

Girl crush at Design Crush.

Classified calendar.

The Jazz Singer – gorgeous.

Heirloom vegetables are delicious and beautiful.

Will someone stop by Jennifer Behr‘s new studio for me? via Brooklyn Bride

Exercises in gratitude, via Blah Blah Blahg.

Circus circus.

Gotta love a really cool map.

I think not.

My honey needs to start painting so we can do this.

Inspired by a midnight garden stroll.

Vintage stamps made easy, via Letter Writers Alliance.

Polaroid still lifes.

How cool is this wedding dress?

Fork and knife.

A raffle for Liam!

Two different color charts, one and two.

How trustworthy is your beard? via auburn & ivory

Have a wonderful weekend, lovelies! And if you feel like it, share what’s keeping you sane and smiling with the rest of us.


  • Angela says:

    I'm so glad you've found your "happy place" and I agree, as stressful as wedding planning can be, there are definitely times where I can't help but get super smiley that I get to marry my man. APW! Totally a place that has helped me stay sane too. I love the "I think not." in your links. OH, MARTHA! lol

  • Stephanie says:

    I think not as well. Leave the outfit coordination to faux wedding photo shoots by the pros'. I think some brides look at too many magazine spreads & have difficultly separating fantasy from reality. Honestly, I would be super annoyed (as a guest) if someone tried to dictate something like this. I agree though, about hinting at "casual" or "black-tie". I had a lot of my own weddings guests ask me what they should wear, as they didn't want to feel "out of place"

  • kate reymann says:

    That Pam and Jim clip always makes me cry. Thank you for posting it.

  • DaisyOdd says:

    The things that make me smile about planning my wedding aren't the pretty details, it's the moments leading up to the wedding.
    I picked up my wedding dress from the bridal shop yesterday during lunch hour and had it hanging in my office for the remainder of the afternoon. Being able to give my co-workers and friends a sneak peak of the dress was fun, but I was so much more excited about taking it to my parents house afterwards. My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer a few months ago and is the single reason our wedding plans have been bumped ahead by a year.
    In 10 years I'm not going to remember all the details of the dress itself, what I'm going to remember is the look on my dad's face the first time he saw me try it on in my childhood home.
    It made him smile in a very difficult time and that made me smile.

  • From Me To You says:

    Thank you so much for letting me be apart of your lovely links and sharing my jazz singer story with your readers! Your taste is superb so I'm terribly flattered and excited! Have a great weekend!

  • Melissa says:

    Making decisions for myself and family is always a great way to keep sane. As there certainly is no way to please everyone.

  • Bonnie- amour amour says:

    What special comments! My wedding was just over a year ago and if it is any comfort I find it hard to remember the drama in the lead up to it. And I promise you it wasn't smooth sailing; I had glandular fever, my grandmother passed away and I had a huge fight with my Mum who was more stressed than me!!) On the way to the ceremony in the car I remember doing a big sigh and surrendering to any little things that might not go right and just looking forward to an amazing, special day.

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