Have a happy weekend!

What are your plans for the weekend? We’re keeping it low key around here (per usual), trying out more recipes from the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook (can you say crack pie?) and heading to the grand re-opening of a neighborhood park. Which is pretty much my perfect weekend!


These DIY prize ribbons are just delightful.

Haunting portraits of abandoned places.

Okay children of the eighties… did you ever watch Star Fairies?

Funny out-of-office auto replies.

How darling is this circus cake topper?!

I wear the same 6 things all the time, but the capsule wardrobe concept interests me nonetheless. Related: why this art director wears the same thing to work every day.

The 200-pound turban. Fascinating.

The awful reign of the Red Delicious apple.

I love this little lunch tote!

I’m pretty sure I have the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, but this one looks like it’s worth trying.


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