Have a happy weekend!

What are your weekend plans? We were hoping to host our Easter brunch outside, but looks like we’ll be getting some much needed rain on Sunday, so inside we go. I’m also making cream puffs for the first time, and really hoping that works out (accepting any tips or links to favorite recipes in the comments).


Brunchcity, via Design Crush.

Four easy ways to decorate a cake (love the lollipops!).

What’s it like to be Wes Anderson’s graphic designer?

What an incredibly fascinating look at this Norwegian prison.

Bacon and eggs? Look again!

This paint chip Easter garland looks easy-peasy and so cute!

Cute little cupcake liner hats filled with candy.

This blew my mind: scientists found that a medieval remedy works against antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

I’m hoping the Easter bunny brings me a pair of these slippers.

I’d love some rainbow pom-poms on my bedding!

Reimagining fast food.

Now that Caroline is starting to get it about drawing, I’ve been trying to figure out where to put some chalkboard paint in our house. I think this is my answer.

Help us welcome our newest Snippet & Ink Select vendors: Kristen Wood, SMS Photography, Grit Visual, Wendee Sawran Petals & Decor, Shotgun Floral Studio, Kelly Lee Designs and Erin McGinn!

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