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Snippet & Ink loves honeymoons as much as we love weddings! And Traveler’s Joy is all about honeymoons. The perfect option for couples who want an alternative to the traditional wedding registry, Traveler’s Joy makes registering for your honeymoon a cinch. Whether your dreaming of a Caribbean cruise, a taste of Paris, or glamping in Montana, your loved ones can contribute to the trip of a lifetime. I mean, how cool would it be to thank your Aunt Judy for the gondola ride? Or your bridesmaids for the romantic beachside dinner?

Traveler’s Joy has made it super easy to set up your honeymoon registry. Using one of their pre-made theme-based (think beach or safari) or location specific (think Bali or Ireland) registries, you can instantly add items and experiences with a single click. And because Traveler’s Joy allows you to register for any portion of your honeymoon, you’re not limited to flights or hotel stays. Register for luggage, a video camera – even surf boards or snorkeling gear!

Not only has Traveler’s Joy streamlined the registry set-up process, their system also makes it really easy to divide the cost of expensive items into manageable gift portions. Dying to take a $400 helicopter tour of Kauai? You can split it into 4 gifts of $100, making it possible for friends and family to contribute to big ticket items and experiences.

I think one of the coolest things about Traveler’s Joy is the way that it involves your loved ones in your honeymoon adventure. When you’re sending Aunt Judy that thank you note, you can include a photo from the gondola trip (maybe a photo taken with that snazzy new camera you registered for…). So if you already have a house full of kitchen appliances and bath linens (or even if you don’t), Traveler’s Joy is the perfect way for wedding guests to give you something really, really special.

(Looking for honeymoon ideas? Check out some real honeymoon stories and real registries from Traveler’s Joy members for inspiration.)

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  • i used honeyfund.com for our honeymoon registry (we planned a 4-week trip backpacking through europe), and it’s still one of my favorite parts about our wedding planning! the site was so fun to set up, and it was superbly exciting watching as our family and friends signed up to give us a dinner on the eiffel tower, a two-night stay in venice, a ferry ride to mykonos, a local lunch feast in barcelona. the fact that almost every part of our honeymoon was a gift from someone we loved made the trip so much more special, and it was a holiday we could never have afforded to take on our own. in today’s day & age, when most people live on their own for awhile before getting married, a honeymoon registry is such a fun way for your guests to give you gifts that you’ll love, without ending up with a surplus of household items you don’t actually need (really, who uses a punch bowl anymore?!)
    my only regret it i can’t do it again :)

  • We LOVED using Traveler’s Joy for our honeymoon to South America last year. While our older family and friends preferred to stick to a traditional registry, our younger friends really got on board with the honeymoon registry. They were all so eager to hear about what they’d gifted us with when we returned, and it was a great way to share the fun of our trip. I did a lot of research and Traveler’s Joy had the best fees at the time.

  • I didn’t know something like this existed. To get ‘stuff’ is great, but stuff gets forgotten so quickly sometimes. Memories, on the other hand, tend to be forever. What a wonderful idea!

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