How to Pin a Boutonniere Video Tutorial with La Fleuriste

La Fleuriste & Christina McNeill | Snippet & Ink

Two of our lovely Select vendors, Lidia from La Fleuriste and Christina McNeill, teamed up to bring us these super simple instructions on how to pin a boutonniere. Who hasn’t been to a wedding where the gents are running around trying to figure this out? Well, we’ve got you covered with a step-by-step video as well as step-by-step photos.


How to Pin a Boutonniere: Step-by-Step Video


How to Pin a Boutonniere: Step-by-Step Photos

La Fleuriste & Christina McNeill | Snippet & Ink

Step 1. Decide on the placement of the boutonniere. Hold it against the suit, centered on the left lapel.


La Fleuriste & Christina McNeill | Snippet & Ink

Step 2. Using your finger to keep the boutonniere in place, fold the lapel so you can see the back side of it. Be sure not to smash the flowers.

Step 3. Push the pin through boutonniere at a perpendicular angle, making sure to catch the stems with the pin. A second pin may be used if needed.


La Fleuriste & Christina McNeill | Snippet & Ink

Step 4. Secure placement and adjust as needed. Return the lapel to its proper place and confirm the boutonniere feels secure. Make sure the pin is not visible from the front side.


La Fleuriste and Christina McNeill are Snippet & Ink Select vendors.


  • Some much needed boutonniere wisdom that a lot of couples should watch before the big day!

  • Emily says:

    I prefer to pin it in the opposite direction, so the pointy sharp part is facing away from from the person’s face. They have less of a chance of poking themselves that way. It’s a little more difficult to pin this way, but is safer.

  • THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS!!! As a florist, this is info that needs to get out there. So many planners and church helpers do it incorrectly which can damage or break the bouts entirely. Thank you so much for this. If you pin it well, the poke will remain behind the lapel and not affect the person at all. Agree with how its shown in the video 100%!!!!

  • After 45 years in the wedding industry, and trying every possible way to pin boutonnieres, I agree. This is the very BEST way to pin a boutonniere. Hands down. No better way. Kudos on perfection.

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