Board #68 | Hunting Party

This is the ultimate in refined picnicking. I love every element of this board: forest greens and browns, the riding boots, the champagne gown. The wood-handled Laguiole knives would make gorgeous gifts for groomsmen, and pheasant feathers would work well as additions to bouquets and accessories.

Mood: woodsy, refined
Palette: brown, hunter green

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: flowers from Ariella Chezar, Laguiole knives and picnic basket both via Toast and Tables, bouquet from Ingela’s Design
Row 2: dress via Brooklyn Bride, boutonnieres from Art Fool, cake from MS, Vera Wang dress
Row 3: boots from Lori’s Shoes, hunting party, invitation by Ceci NY
Row 4: picnic table via Toast and Tables, pheasant feathers from Cixi Horng Shya, stationery from Studio Olivine, frozen vodka from Michaele Thunen


  • Grace says:

    This is simply spectacular. I’m speechless! I’m picturing not really a wedding right now but a surreptitious secret society in the woods in hunting garb for the men and period dress for the ladies. And lots of candlelight and pitched tents.

  • Loopy says:

    Yes! A classy outdoorsy theme!
    This was just what I was looking for. No one was really hitting it until now! Thank you

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