Introducing Some of Our Sponsors

Hi all! I know that many of you subscribe to Snippet & Ink through RSS, so you don’t get to see the sponsors on the sidebar – these are some the wonderful vendors who help to support this blog. Without them, there would be no Snippet & Ink! Some of them are longtime sponsors, and others are new, and they’re all wonderful. So I thought I’d bring them to your attention, in the hope that you’ll discover a fabulous vendor that was just what you were looking for.


Charming wedding photography by Ryan Ray.


Stylish and affordable invitations from A Printable Press.


Delicate and timeless jewelry from Favor Jewelry.


Dramatic and original wedding photography by Samuel Lippke.


Fashion-inspired boudoir photography by Haute Boudoir.


Uniquely modern and custom wedding jewelry from Bario-Neal.


Timeless and romantic wedding photography by Elizabeth Messina.


Sensibly priced and beautifully designed wedding invitations from Minted.


Creative and custom-tailored wedding films by Sandbox Love.


Customizable wedding invitations from Etsy seller Foglio Press.


Color-coordinated clutches for your bridesmaids from Eclu.


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