Kathryn Loves… a Rainbow of Vintage Engagement Rings

All of those candy colored ring boxes from The Mrs. Box had me dreaming of candy colored engagement rings – vintage of course! So I’ve rounded up some of the yummiest vintage engagement rings I could find…

Vintage Engagement Rings| Snippet & Ink

Purple, Red, Yellow Stones
1. “Aliya” Smoky Quartz Ring from Brilliant Earth / 2. Art Decor Purple Sapphire Ring via 1stdibs / 3. Victorian Purple Spinel Ring via 1stdibs / 4. Art Deco Amethyst and Pearl Ring via 1stdibs / 5. Fancy Brown Diamond Ring via 1stdibs / 6. “Auden” Red Garnet Ring from Brilliant Earth / 7. “Kanya” 3-stone Amethyst Ring from Brilliant Earth / 8. Edwardian Diamond and Citrine via 1stdibs / 9. “Isaura” Citrine Ring from Brilliant Earth / 10. “Sissela” Amethyst Ring from Brilliant Earth

Green Stones
11. European-Cut Diamond and Emerald Engagement Ring via 1stdibs / 12. Black Starr & Frost Edwardian Emerald and Diamond Ring via 1stdibs / 13. “Forest” Green Tourmaline Ring from Brilliant Earth / 14. Art Deco Emerald and Step Cut Diamond Ring via 1stdibs / 15. Edwardian Emerald and Diamond Platinum Ring via 1stdibs / 16. “Montrose” Victorian Emerald Ring from Trumpet & Horn / 17. “Rolling Hills” Art Deco Diamond and Emerald Ring from Trumpet & Horn / 18. “Weatherford” Art Deco Diamond Ring with Emerald Accents from Trumpet & Horn

Blue Stones
19. Art Deco Style Diamond and Sapphire Ring via 1stdibs / 20. “Vanderbilt” Edwardian Diamond and Sapphire Ring from Trumpet & Horn / 21. “Manica” 3-stone Sapphire and Diamond Ring from Brilliant Earth / 22. Edwardian 3-Stone Sapphire and Diamond Ring via 1stdibs / 23. Edwardian Violet Blue Sapphire Ring via 1stdibs / 24. Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond Ring via 1stdibs / 25. “Essex” Victorian Sapphire Ring from Trumpet & Horn / 26. Antique Russian Sapphire Engagement Ring via 1stdibs / 27. Edwardian Sapphire and Diamond Flower Ring via 1stdibs / 28. Edwardian Sapphire and Diamond Ring via 1stdibs / 29. “Landry” Sapphire Rose Gold Ring from Brilliant Earth / 30. Old Mine Cut Diamond and Sapphire Ring via 1stdibs / 31. 1920s Calibre-Cut Sapphire and Diamond Ring via 1stdibs / 32. “Winterhaven” Edwardian Sapphire and Diamond Ring from Trumpet & Horn

White Stones
33. “Wetherby” Art Deco Diamond Ring from Trumpet & Horn / 34. “Alpine” Filigree Diamond Ring from Brilliant Earth / 35. Antique Tiffany & Co. Pearl and Diamond Cluster Ring via 1stdibs / 36. “Wheaton” Edwardian 3-stone Diamond Ring from Trumpet & Horn / 37. “Greylands” Retro Diamond Solitaire Ring from Trumpet &  Horn / 38. Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring via 1stdibs / 39. Victorian Old Mine Cut Diamond Cluster Ring from Bell and Bird / 40. Late Victorian Gold 3-Stone Diamond Ring via 1stdibs / 41. Edwardian 3-stone Diamond Ring via 1stdibs / 42. Vintage Moonstone Diamond Cluster Ring from Doyle & Doyle


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