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There’s something really special about Super 8 films, so it’s easy to understand why a couple might choose a videographer to capture their wedding day in this nostalgic medium. But what about other important moments or events that you might want to keep between family and friends (meaning: without a professional videographer)? With a baby on the way, I imagine having her first birthday on Super 8 – what a wonderful memory that would be! Or what about a honeymoon or birth story or even a family vacation? I love the idea of capturing life in analog, which makes me super excited to introduce the Homemade Films kit from my buddies at A Bryan Photo.

Here are a few of my favorites (they’re all under 4 minutes, so definitely take a sec to check them out):




Aren’t these fun?! The way it works is A Bryan Photo sends you their Homemade Films kit complete with Super 8 camera and film, you use it and send it back them, and then they edit it into a memorable film for you. One couple loves them so much they’ve taken it with them on three different trips!

So what would you want to capture on Super 8? Wouldn’t this be a rad wedding gift for a group of friends to give a couple for their honeymoon?


  • That’s such a great idea! The films are lovely. They have a very sweet homemade feel.

  • Love this idea – fifty foot films had something like this as well but at the time was too expensive for us to try it out – seems like this is another alternative that’s a bit more reasonnable for the occasions that mean most to someone.

  • I love their logo! It’s great you can make the recording and have ownership, yet have it profesionally edited.

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