Groomsmen Gifts from Izola

You know what I love? Awesome gifts that are reasonably priced and (bonus!) come in awesome packaging. If you’ve been looking for gifts that your groomsmen will love, you have got to check out Izola. It’s like a perfectly curated general store for men. Specifically, stylish men with a sense of adventure and humor…

Martini shakers



Don’t you love these? And seriously, the packaging? Love. It. How about a different flask or shaker for each groomsman? Or if you want to go a totally different route, consider a soap set or printed handkerchiefs, or maybe a ruled letter opener. Izola even carries yummy scented candles, so there really is something for everyone.

And today there’s something for you! Izola has created two gift packages for two lucky Snippet & Ink readers! The first winner gets 1 “Put Some Hair on Your Chest” Flask, 1 Ruled Letter Opener, and 1 “Stars” Handkerchief Set. The second winner gets 1 “Guests” Toothbrush Set, 1 “Apothecary” Individual Soap Bar, and 1 “Sport” Soap Dish.

Giveaway: Just leave a comment on this post letting us know what you like most on the Izola site. You have until this Thursday, April 19, 2012, at 6:00PM PDT to leave a comment, and I’ll announce the two randomly selected winners in Friday’s weekend round-up post. (Winners will also be notified by email.) Official rules.

Update. This contest is now closed. 


  • Kelly Edm says:

    I love the idea of giving unique gifts! And shopping for men can be a challenge when it comes to unique. This site looks like the perfect place to pick up something a little different (but still classy and tasteful). Fun!

  • I’m not sure if the soaps would work as shaving soaps (of the old timey brush & cup sort), but if so, I’d love to give them to my husband for that purpose. The packaging is brilliant, and they sound scrumptious.

  • The soap sets and martini shakers are lovely.

    It is so hard to find a beautifully curated collection of gifts for men – thank you for pointing me to Izola!

  • Chandra says:

    I am in love with their products! We have been struggling to find great gifts for the groomsmen that they will actually use, and here is an entire site full of ideas! Great post!

  • Jen says:

    my guy’s been wanting a nice shaker for quite some time, especially considering that the one we have is from a really nice set I got from a previous engagement. So I’d have to say the shakers… it’s time to shake out the old and roll in the new!

  • Emily says:

    The letter opener is so sweet! Definitely my favorite for its simple, but practical and useful design. Plus, “follow the rules” & “break the rules” !!

  • Christina says:

    The flasks are great!! My fiancé said this is what he was looking for! Thanks for sharing!

  • Meghan says:

    Love the flasks and handkerchiefs! such fun and whimsical but still masculine! Yay! I love when you put fun products like this on your blog, makes me feel like im in the know:)

  • Vanessa says:

    I would love to give our groomsmen a laundry bag full of every other product!…But if I must only choose one, it would be a flask.

  • Carol S says:

    What is there not to love about Izola?! Shopping for dudes is hard, and this sites makes it way easier. Absolutely love it.

    -Carol S

  • Mary Ann says:

    I love the sarcastic tone of the martini shakers! Perfect for my groom and his men!

  • The flasks are awesome. My husband can always use another one for fishing trips and football games – well, so can I, now I come to think of it…

  • AMELIE says:

    Love the hankies! My man has bad spring allergies to that would be a perfect spring gift!

  • Kate says:

    HA! I love the “Put some hair on your chest” flask! My husband — who has zero hair on his chest but a great sense of humor — would think that is hilarious.

  • Liz says:

    Very cute man gifts!! I like the martini shakers especially – they match the theme of our Southern wedding and remind me of Mad Men :) I think my fiance would looove them too.

  • Elle S says:

    What a lucky find! This solves my ‘what to get for awkward male relatives/friend’ dilemma! Gotta love those shower curtains! XxX

  • Kim says:

    I love the shakers, my one wish is that they could be personally engraved with our “signature drink” from the wedding reception.

  • I love the flasks – they are perfect. I’m always searching for witty gifts and this site is perfect. Thanks for introducing me! :)

  • Li Mei says:

    Who knew that vintage men’s gifts still exist today? Obviously I found out something new today!

    I have to say, many of the products remind me of “tools” one would find by walking into a good ‘ol barber shop, but the cocktail shaker definitely has my vote – only because I was looking (unsuccessfully so) for exactly one like these for my dad’s Christmas present a few years back.

    Thanks for sharing, now I have some great ideas for my husband’s birthday soon :)

  • Sarah says:

    Absolutely love the flasks – the SALUT flask is my favorite! Such a great gift idea.

  • Jamie says:

    My future hubby’s groomsmen would love the “three sheets to the wind” flask. It has an anchor, which is perfect for our nautical wedding theme!!!

  • lacy mckinney says:

    The “Put some hair on your chest” flask is the perfect gift for our best man! The groom and best man constantly compare chest hair growth.

    The “Anchors away” soap is a perfect gift for my U.S. Navy Sister!

  • shanta matthews says:

    the flasks! particularly “may you never go to hell but always be on your way” BAH HA! this is too much!

  • Ania says:

    I love the handkerchiefs — what a unique gift! They’re something I’d even consider giving the girls!

  • Jess says:

    Their flasks would be perfect for our wedding. They are round which is the shape of traditional scottish flasks because they fit inside a sporran (the little bag worn with a kilt) all of our men our wearing kilts. I especially love the “Put some hair on your chest” one since it’s in a badge design and my fiance and many of our grooms men are police officers!

  • Charlotte says:

    I love it all! Th handkerchiefs, the flasks, and that shaker–RAD. My man would be pretty giddy over it as well.

  • Lorri Adair says:

    I LOVE the “3 Sheets to the Wind” flask with the anchor. I sooo hope I can win this for my fiance for a ‘day of’ gift. Our wedding is Sept. 2nd! Thank you muchisimo for the chance!!!

  • Tammy Bilodeau says:

    What a fabulous find. They have so many neat and fun ideas…I especially love those flasks, modern and fun.

  • Hands down the flasks (though everything is so great!), especially the one with the simple hash marks.

  • Monelle says:

    Those 3 oz stainless steal flasks are perfect for slipping into a jacket pocket!

  • The ‘three sheets to the wind’ flask for sure. LOVE these! I’ve had my eye on these since I saw them in a Boston boutique last summer.

  • Taylor says:

    I ADORE this whole site! Thanks for introducing it. So many great things but my fave is still the flasks! My fiance’s groomsmen would love these! He could pick a different one for each guy.

  • Meg Bradshaw says:

    I will be getting something from here regardless of whether I win or not, but I’d love to win! My fiance’s groomsmen are a bit older than him, so this would be a perfect gift for the ‘man who has everything!’

  • Kaley L. says:

    I love love love the cocktail shakers and the flasks! So hard to find nice gifts for men that aren’t too cheesy.

  • Forget the groomsmen I want to give those flasks to the bridesmaids. The toothbrushes are hysterical as well.

  • Love the candles! I will definitely put this on the list to share with my clients when searching for unique bridal party gifts.


  • I love the hair of the Dog Flasks- I think they’d make great groomsman gifts for our wedding, and I’m sending the link to my fiance right now!

  • Eleni says:

    “May you never go to hell but always be on your way” Flask is possibly the best flask I’ve ever seen.

  • I just love that this is another source for inspiration when gift-hunting for the men in my life. What great gifts for both wedding party and general gift-giving times!! Plus there is such a large variety of items!

  • Eleni says:

    the flask “May you never go to hell but always be on your way” is possibly the best flask I’ve ever seen.

  • Amanda Jean says:

    Officially love the flasks. There are an assortment I’d like to get for my best girls.

  • The flasks are perfect man gifts. I think the toothbrushes are fun as well. We keep plenty of fresh spares for our guests, just in case. Thanks for sharing such a fun find!

  • EJ says:

    Love the classy feel of all their products. If I must choose, it would be the flasks! :D

  • Virginia says:

    All the products and unique and charming, but I love that Izola has found a way to make a MANLY shower curtain! I’m sure men everywhere thank you.

  • Wanda says:

    Men are the hardest to get gifts for, and we’ve been wracking our brains for months – thank you for showing us Izola! My favorite is the Forrest Handkerchief set – particularly the “weather the storm” option. So beautifully done, and useful!

  • Carina says:

    Oh my goodness, love the flasks! Our groomsmen would reaaally appreciate those haha.

  • The “The Hell with Work” one just cracks me up. I’m such a fan of Izola, so I’m excited to see this! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  • Jonathan Guidry says:

    I love how you can make your gifts more personable and each groomsmen feels like they got something unique!

  • Unique gift idea! Surely a bride & groom can find a style to suit each bridal party member with those wonderful options!

  • Jennifer says:

    I ADORE the candles! And how adorable is the packaging – “rekindle an old flame.” So cute!!

  • Love the handkerchiefs, so vintage and manly. But the soap dishes are pretty cute too. I love the simple crossed arrow and anchor icons they’ve used.

  • Josie says:

    I love the soap dishes and the little soap sets! They’d be perfect in our guest bathroom!

  • Catie says:

    Love the flasks. Thinking about getting one for the Best Man at our wedding.

  • Erin says:

    I love the martini shakers–especially the may you never go to hell…one! Great website, especially for groomsmen gifts like you said!

  • Kaitlin says:

    I’m in a wedding this summer as a grooms-lady … I can only hope the groom gives us gifts as awesome as these!

    I LOVE the “The Hell with Work” flask! And all of the others, really. This is one of my favorite sites for gifts :)

  • Jenny says:

    I adore the simplicity of the tooth brushes. No way I’m gifting those away, I want them! The flasks and handkerchiefs are lovely too, salute!

  • Emma says:

    What a find! I love the vintage masculine feel of the collection. What a quirky touch to have boy scout inspired items… that shower curtain has gone straight onto my wish list (along with those handkerchiefs. My fiance is the only man I know who still carries a handkerchief. The first time I realised I was in love with him was when I fell on some stairs and he dashed to the rescue to blot my bleeding shin with his freshly pressed white hanky!)

  • I love all of the products on this site and immediately passed the site along to my fiance to look for his groomsmen. Very unique and masculine and look like great quality. I love the Toasts Martini Shaker!

  • Elissa says:

    The shower room curtains are my favorite! They would be perfect for the vintage loving bachelor/bachelorette in your life!

  • Sarah says:

    I love that they’re personalized, but still totally different from all of the other personalized stuff that you see out there. Plus, I love the sense of humor!!

  • Cory Burnsed says:

    I love the unique designs on all the flasks! Such a cool idea!

  • LOVE this site. i’m kind of crazy about the shoe shine brush for some reason but i would definitely take the tally mark flask as well. fingers crossed!

  • Celia says:

    Those printed handkerchiefs are to die for! Where has this been all my life?

  • Stephanie says:

    Love, love, love “To My Health”. Thanks for sharing!! Another great item to Pin :)

  • Bridget says:

    I can’t get over the Scout soap dish. Just had to purchase it :)

  • My two favorites are:
    1. The Soiled Garments Laundry bag, because I think it would be a much more sophisticated travel solution than the thin plastic variety.
    2. The Three Sheets to the Wind flask, because that’s a phrase that my beloved Grandpa used to use. He was a sailor, so between the quote and the anchor, that flask reminds me of him. So it’s the design, not the flask itself — Grandpa was rarely Three Sheets to the Wind himself. I do, however, have a recording of him singing “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” from one of the few times that he was, and it’s one of my fondest mementos of him. <3

  • jessi says:

    it’s sometimes so tricky to find great gifts for men, but these items are perfect!

  • JSKF says:

    My sister got married exactly a month ago and she gave all the bridesmaids small flasks as gifts so I’m inclined towards the flask. It’s even better if it’s already filled up…

  • stephaniebee says:

    I have to say, I’m sort of deeply in love with the “put some hair on your chest” flask, as that phrase is part of a long-standing family joke.

  • The flask are right up my bridal parties ally, especially the frat brother groomsmen! would love to have a little token to pass on as gifts at my wedding! Especially something called “put some hair on your chest” flask :)

  • Melissa says:

    These are fantastic! I love the “May you never go to hell…but always be on your way”. My fiance’s UCLA fraternity brothers are our groomsmen and these are perfect gifts.

  • emily says:

    I am drooling over the Rosemary Candle! I bet it smells amazing!!!

  • Robbie says:

    I LOVE all the items! The flasks are awesome! I love that they are a unique round shape, it gives them a little… canteen type of feel to them. Soooo awesome!

  • Sayoko Lynn says:

    Super cute gift ideas! Im loving that the flasks are round and I love the humor they bring with them :)

  • Cara says:

    I love the Three Sheets to the Wind flask for my boy – there was a show called “Three Sheets” that he loved! Also love the Practice Conservation Laundry bag, very cool.

  • Julia says:

    I love the ‘To My Health’ flask and the ‘Tick Mark’. Both would be perfect for a special select few of my family! I absolutely love the Izola style. Fun!

  • Kassie says:

    The letter opener would be a perfect gift for my fiance, he is a bicycle shop owner and has a soft spot for measuring tools. Very clever

  • Lindsay L says:

    I love the toasts martini shaker – what a fun hostess gift!

  • Caroline K says:

    Wow, I love pretty much everything on their site. Thanks for introducing it to me. I would probably get the Scout Soap Set for my groom, the Eagle Scout.

  • Rhian says:

    I like the “May you never go to hell but always be on your way” flask!

  • redfrizzz says:

    My favorite are the flasks- they’re simple and classy and even dashing. The “put some hair on your chest” one would have a very happy owner…;)

  • Cate says:

    I love the martini shakers, especially the “MAY YOU NEVER GO TO HELL BUT ALWAYS BE ON YOUR WAY” martini shaker

  • Whitney says:

    I love the flasks – such a cute shape, and the sayings are unique.

  • Kate says:

    THREE SHEETS TO THE WIND FLASK!!! That is what my fiance and I ARE using as groomsmen gifts. They are the most perfect and appropriate gift for him to give. I’d LOVE to win this prize, particularly the one with the flask.

  • Jess W. says:

    The Salut flask is the best by far, would love to get that for my husband to be!

  • Lauren C. says:

    I love the “Hair of the Dog” flask, but also love all the handkerchiefs. There’s just something about a man who can offer you his handkerchief…

  • talia says:

    love those hankies. perfection. and the laundry bags are fantastic

  • Kate says:

    Love the “SALUT!” flask, so charming! Also, the “soiled garments” laundry bag would be GREAT for collecting the dry cleaning.

  • Kelly in DC says:

    HANDS DOWN–the “to hell with work” flask. That is going to a couple of my friends here in DC, for sure!

  • kristind says:

    We’ve been trying to figure out groomsmen gifts and I LOVE all these!! Love the flasks!

  • Monica McRill says:

    I love the flasks! They would be a great groomsmens gift!

  • Kelli says:

    This is such a great find! Love all the packaging, especially on the soaps.

  • sent the flasks link to my son…exactly what he was looking for for groomsmen…price is perfect but we laughed about how the different engravings fit his different guys perfectly! Personally- i like the candles..everything has a great artisan detail about it.

  • Leena says:

    Love-love the martini shakers! The measurements one in particular!

  • Juliana says:

    “May you never go to Hell, but always be on your way.”
    I LOVE that! Sounds like a prescription for a life well-lived, heh.

  • Jaynie says:

    I LOVE the flasks but I think the Three Sheets to the Wind Flask is my favorite.

  • Navarre says:

    LOVE everything! the stars handkerchiefs and the soaps are fabulous. and i covet the laundry bags. great gifts for men and super packaging!

  • I love the flasks… my fiance is contemplating flasks for groomsmen gifts, so I can show him these!

  • Leandra says:

    A wedding day seems the perfect time to grow up and “put some hairs on your chest”. Flasks all around, I say!

  • Nicole says:

    Gorgeous products, especially the flasks– clean, masculine lines, perfect groomsmen gifts! And I love the candles…

  • Rachel Wierenga says:

    I love the martini shakers, these are awesome unique gifts. thanks for the chance to win!

  • I love the martini shakers and the flasks.. They are great. I think I might have figured out some Christmas presents :)

  • Love the flasks! So original with the round shape, would make a great groomsman gift on our June 9, 2012 wedding!

  • Wow! What a phenomenal giveaway! I’m getting married in September, and I knew my future husband would LOVE the “Three Sheets to the Wind” flask! It would be the perfect gift for his best man, too.


  • Jessica Saniewski says:

    Giveaway’s make even the dullest day seem wonderful! I am so in love with the “Scout shower curtain”, perfect for my eagle scout boyfriend and even more wonderful for the 1900’s bathroom we’re restoring!

    Love, love the packaging, excellent job!

  • Olivia says:

    I love all the martini shakers – I think they’re the perfect groomsman gift!

  • Ooo I’d love to have a shaker, I’m a cocktail maniac, still haven’t got to buy one of these :)
    Thanks for the lovely blog though!

    Have a great one!

    Bye bye

  • lauren s says:

    what a great store. I love the flask, so simply, but beautifully, designed.

  • Seattle Lulu says:

    Yay – something for the guys! I really think the guys would appreciate candles that are subtle, romantic & ungirly. Great finds!

  • Meredith says:

    I can’t get over the packaging! I especially love the candles – they’re gorgeous and perfectly reflect the modern rustic vibe I love so much!

  • megan claire says:

    These are so amazing! I’m especially fond of the flask that reads “Three Sheets to the Wind”, since that is that is the name of our wedding band! I would love to be able to surprise my fiancé with the flask on our wedding day. Thanks!

  • ashleigh says:

    i LOVE the “hair of the dog” flask. during grad school, we frequented a bar called “hair of the dog” almost weekly, so it would actually be very sentimental to give these flasks as gifts.

  • Amanda says:

    I love the Flasks! My friends and I always use the term “hair of the dog”! The other items are also very classic.

  • DA Lewis says:

    I love the flasks from Izola, especially the “to my health” engraving. Thanks for highlighting this site…I’ll have to get something for my husband-to-be!

  • Moira H. says:

    I LUV it all. My favorites are the “toasts” shaker, shower curtains and candles! Awesome gift ideas and packaging! Thanks…

  • Moira H. says:

    I LUV it all. My favorites are the “toasts” shakers, shower curtains and candles! Awesome gift ideas and packaging! Thanks…

  • Willoughby says:

    I love the letter openers! They’re great and have a really rutic and classy feel to them!

  • Jason B says:

    The flasks are awesome. My groomsman would definitely enjoy having them!

  • Rosaleen G says:

    Ooooh! I’d love a flask or a cocktail shaker for making my Old Fashioneds every evening! I love Izola!! <3

  • That handkerchief set is so boss! Love it! My pops and grandpa always rocked a handkerchief but these are above and beyond.

    Prost to bring back the ‘chief!

  • Lindsey Watts says:

    Wow, Um can I want everything??? I want some handkerchiefs, and some soap dishes and all the flasks and shakers and soaps and basically everything. Yes, everything.

  • Amy says:

    I love the “May you never go to hell but always be on your way” flask and shaker! Great saying!

  • Pandu says:

    I like that flask idea too. I was browsing yahoo answers and found this good and reasonable priced at a site called dreamflasks. I just got it delivered and looks stunning.

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