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Snippet & Ink | Clark Brewer

It seems like sometimes “traditional” gets a bad rap, but when we see Lauren and David’s wedding pics from Clark Brewer, we’re reminded of just how lovely traditional can be. For starters, the bride wore her grandmother’s dress; at the reception was a table with a framed photo of each bride that had worn the dress, with name and date under each – what a special detail! And of course you can’t go wrong with a classic tux (paired with lucky dice cufflinks).

Snippet & Ink | Clark BrewerSnippet & Ink | Clark BrewerSnippet & Ink | Clark Brewer

Bridesmaids wore strapless gray chiffon dresses from Bari Jay and carried bouquets of white hydrangea.

Snippet & Ink | Clark BrewerSnippet & Ink | Clark BrewerSnippet & Ink | Clark Brewer

Why did Lauren and David choose Castle Hill“We both wanted to get married in Oxford because the town had served as the center hub for our 3 year long-distance relationship. We have so many memories there since David attended undergrad at Ole Miss and I attended law school there. We looked at many different venues but decided on Castle Hill because of its picturesque scenery, and amenities that made it possible for the entire wedding party to stay there all weekend.”

Snippet & Ink | Clark BrewerSnippet & Ink | Clark BrewerSnippet & Ink | Clark BrewerSnippet & Ink | Clark BrewerSnippet & Ink | Clark Brewer

The wedding cake alternated layers of red velvet and vanilla, covered in white chocolate buttercream. The groom’s favorite baseball team is the Cubs, so his cake was a cookie cake decorated with their logo, and photos of the bride and groom on trips to Chicago surrounded it.

Snippet & Ink | Clark BrewerSnippet & Ink | Clark Brewer

Love this series of from the couple’s exit! It looks like rice, but it’s actually lavender buds…

Snippet & Ink | Clark BrewerSnippet & Ink | Clark BrewerSnippet & Ink | Clark BrewerSnippet & Ink | Clark Brewer



What inspired you when you were planning your wedding? I was inspired by previous family weddings, memories, and images I chose from Pinterest. I didn’t look at bridal magazines because I didn’t want to be overwhelmed. I wanted the overall day to be relaxed, classic, pretty, and special. I let that overall theme guide me.

What was your favorite moment or part of the day? My favorite part of my wedding day was the first few seconds after David and I had been announced as “Mr. and Mrs. Steele.” At the beginning of the ceremony as I walked down the aisle, I only looked at David, taking in every step towards my very soon-to-be husband. When we walked back I got a chance to look at all the people who had gathered to celebrate us, and I have never felt so loved and special – on the arm of my husband and looking at all the people I love. I was so filled with joy and love. It was so special and my favorite part of my wedding day.

Did you include any traditions in your wedding? It has been a tradition in my family to wear Ama’s (my grandmother’s) wedding dress. She bought the dress in Iowa for her own wedding in 1954 for only $250. My two aunts were the first to wear the dress after my grandmother (Mary Al Alford and Susan Cobb). My cousin Leah was next, followed by my sister Jenny, then my cousin Sara and lastly, me. No one has drastically changed the dress, some have added a sash, or shortened the sleeves a bit. I wore it plain just as my grandmother did. We also have a tradition to throw lavender during the departure of the bride and groom and we did that as well. It smelled wonderful!

What was the best advice you received as a bride?  To soak in every moment, knowing that this is the only time every single person you and your husband love will all be together at one time, under one roof. Not to focus on the details so much, but to just enjoy the people that are there to celebrate you. And also to wait a week before going on the honeymoon – we were exhausted!

What advice do you have for other brides?  I had no idea just how many decisions you have to make as the bride. How many shades of white, ivory, pearl, and blush there are to choose from and how many different ways there are of doing things. My advice would be to always keep the happiness of marrying the love of your life at the center of planning, and to just pick whatever your favorite is (cake flavor, flowers, shade of blue) at that time. When you look back, you’ll remember how much you loved it then, in that moment.

Is there anything else that helps tell the story of the day?  I loved how everything was right there, in that one location. From waking up next to my sister upstairs, to going downstairs for brunch with my bridesmaids, to walking around the grounds for pictures, having the ceremony, and then dancing in the same place I had said my vows only moments before, there was a very un-rushed and relaxed atmosphere to the day which really allowed me to soak it all in and enjoy each moment of the day. It was great.

Vendor Credits

Photographer: Clark Brewer / Venue, Catering: Colonel’s Quarters at Castle Hill in Oxford, Mississippi / Event Planner: Katherine Bailey / Tuxedo: Oxford Bridal / Bridesmaid Dresses: Bari Jay / Floral Designer: Keith Winchester, 601-251-0905 / Music: 24/7 via Prime Source Entertainment / Cake: Cory Lewis


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