Have a Lovely Weekend!

gilded-gown-elena-kougianouGold cuffs by Elena Kougianou

THIS! It’s been raining like crazy here, but I’ll happily bundle up in warm coat to eat this!

Are you planning a trip to France anytime soon? If yes, the National Library just re-opened!

Something to wear for Valentine’s Day?

Have you heard of the seeing eye cat?

I LOVE THESE!  A friend recently gifted me one of these watermelon bags, and I’m in love. Welcome totes, anyone?!

Do you work from home?  This made me LOL.

How much it really costs to travel the world.

Congrats on your new site, Max!

My mom recently found these at a garage sale and now I’m hooked.

Congrats on your Target line Cheree Berry!

To all our hopeless romantics… this is the DIY for you!

The one thing you need for GOOD wedding photos.

This story pulls on my heartstrings: this groom wrote a second set of vows to his step-daughter.

Enamel pin of the week goes to these adorable twins.

What romance means after ten years of marriage.

Hey hunny, I want this for Valentine’s day!


Have a lovely weekend!


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