Luxury Wedding Websites from Riley & Grey

How did wedding guests ever live without wedding websites?! Really! Whenever I misplace an invitation, or want to know about the registry, or just need directions to the ceremony, the website is the first place I go. Usually they’re pretty basic and not especially exciting design-wise. But then there’s Riley & Grey

Riley & Grey wedding websites

Riley & Grey offer gorgeous, limited-edition wedding websites, inspired by luxury fashion and interior design. I could imagine designing an entire wedding around one of these beautiful site designs! As they say: We’re all about finding inspiration in unusual places and helping couples reflect the style they have outside their weddings.

Riley & Grey wedding websites

One of the best things about Riley & Grey is that the mobile experience is just like an app – seamless and well-organized – but it doesn’t require your guests to download anything. I think we can all agree that part of being a good hostess is making sure things are easy and comfortable for your guests, and with Riley & Grey websites that experience starts before the wedding even begins!

Riley & Grey wedding websites

Setting up your customized wedding website is super easy, but if you’re still not confident in your technological skills, fret not; Riley & Grey offer hands on customer service – if you want, they’ll even walk you through the set-up of your site from start to finish!

Riley & Grey wedding websites

Riley & Grey also have an awesome blog and I LOVE their Instagram account (@rileyandgrey) for outside-the-box wedding inspiration (and for updates on their newest designs). Everything from Grace Kelly to pink ombre hair to runway couture – follow them and jumpstart your wedding creativity!


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